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Title: Growing old with you
Genre: drama, romance, fluff...
Pairings: Jinki ♥ Amber, Changmin ♥ Yuki. 

Summary:  This is the second of spinoffs of Sleeping Patey couples. This time we have Prince Jinki of Equion and Fairy Amby.

Jinki was used to having his twin around but since she decided to go to Beijing, he was left alone. Can Amber continue to be the support that he needs as he misses half of his soul? Will Jinki be able to get over his insecurities?

Back to the future

When Jinki opened his eyes, it was already dark outside. He stretched his now sleeping muscles and halted confusedly as he took note of his surroundings…”this isn’t Amby’s apartment… where am I? Oh wow… ”

In front of the gaping Jinki is 50 inch television set with huge speakers and a collection of game consoles. Beside it is a shelf full of DVDs and Blu Ray copies of old movies and some which he hasn’t heard about before, “probably Indie…”

From one of the doors, an old lady came out holding a tray of orange juice and food, “Why are you standing in front of the movie collection? Do you want to watch something?”

Jinki turned and by instinct, took the tray from the lady’s hands and placed them on the nice looking glass table, “I-um… not really ma’am.”

A surprised expression was on the old lady’s first but it was replaced by a gentle smile, “Aish this old man… here eat your favorite herb and chicken dumpling soup. “

“Old?” Jinki thought confused and it was just then that he noticed his reflection from one of the mirror cases, “Is that me?”

The old lady chuckled as she sat beside her husband of several decades, “yes honey, that’s you…a tiny bit forgetful now but still the most handsome and most adorable dubu husband in the whole world.”

Jinki touched his face, his formerly smooth face now lined with wrinkles and lots of gray hair on his head then turned to the lady beside him, “A-amber? That’s you, right?”

Her eyes twinkled and there was no longer any doubt in Jinki’s mind. The now older looking Amber clapped, “Wow! Yes! Yes, I’m Amber! You remembered me fast today!”

Despite the smile threatening to erupt on his still handsome face, he pouted and lightly pinched her nose just like he used to (or at least what he really remembers), “I’m not yet senile!”

His wife swatted JinKI’s hand away with a glare, “oh of course not. You just forget who I am every now and then.”

At that Jinki laughed… his hearty loud laugh that Amber loves, “I hope you never get tired of me…”

Amber wiped the tears forming in her eyes as she lightly hit her husband’s shoulder, “you always say that!”

Jinki was about to apologize when Amber continued, “even if I have to remind you who I am every single day… whatever happens… I will never ever get tired of loving you and taking care of you, Park Jinki. For as long as I am alive.”

Je’taime mon cher…”

“Je t'aime aussi”



Jinki felt a light nudge on his shoulder and he slowly opened his eyes, “Amber?”

The blond girl chuckled and patted her boyfriend’s tummy, “who else you dubu? Come on, dinner is served. Yuki also called earlier but you were sleeping so she said she will call later. ”

He suddenly sat up and rushed to the mirror to stare at his face before heaving a relieved sigh. Amber raised an eyebrow as she walked towards the wall mirror, “is there anything wrong dubu-ya? Did you have a bad dream?”

Jinki smiled wider and interlaced his hand with hers,”I actually had a good dream.”

“Oh you did? What was it about?”

 *smirk* “I saw a parade of fried chicken legs! They looked yummy!”

She laughed and gave a soft squeeze as they made their way to the dining table, “that must have really been a good dream.”

Jinki smiled fondly as he stopped and lightly pulled on Amber propelling her backwards to him, “have I told you I love you today?”

Amber blushed beet red, a soft smile on her face, “yes… four times since this morning.”

The Park heir leaned in for a swift kiss on her lips and smiled, “then let’s make it five… I love you, future wife… ”

The couple heard a loud clearing of throat and Jinki released his girl with a chuckle, “sorry Patey… I didn’t know you were there.”

Amber elbowed him and glared, “I told you earlier!”

Patey chuckled as she looked at the couple with slight envy, “Jinki oppa probably spaced out again Amby… it’s okay. I’m getting hungry though… can you just continue that later when I’m well fed?”

Jinki sat opposite Patey and scratched his cheek, “sure… can’t do anything much while you’re here anyway…Ow!”

Now blushing Amber lightly hit Jinki’s head with a ladle as she placed a piping hot soup in front of him, “don’t insinuate anything, Park Jinki!”

“Ohhh…. Is this herb and chicken dumpling soup? The one Yuki makes?”

*cough* “yeah… not sure if it tastes as good as she makes though…”

“Oh that’s okay. You’ll have a lot of time to perfect it…”

“What do you mean?”

Jinki smiled and steered the conversation to another direction while remembering the smiles on his and Amber’s old faces in his dream.


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Oct. 12th, 2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
I'm too forgetful to log in to my account through my workplace T___T
this is so lovelllyyyyyy~ just the right mix of comedic parts and fluffy parts. how I wish it was all real~ /goes off to cry and daydream for the rest of the day/
I swear I'll never get any work done now with this story in my head otl BUT I DON'T CARE IT WAS WORTH IT!
thank you muchly my lovely ummaaaaa~ ToT you're the best and this story is the best and omg i'm dying <3333
Oct. 12th, 2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it. ^^

I was worried it wasnt good.
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