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TVXQ Fic - Superstar Chapter 22

Title: Superstar part 22
Genre: romance, drama, failed comedy, yaoi, fluff, smut (future if I can do it)
Pairing: YooSu, YunJae, MinxOC (YunJi)

Summary:  Junsu just came back from Japan to start a new life in Seoul. He had too much memories he would rather leave behind and he knows he can start anew in the land where he was born. Jaejoong is a pâtissier whose goal is to make his pastries known throughout the world. YunJi is someone who is escaping from his real identity.  It is an interesting world for the Kims...

Micky Park is renowned worldwide for his achievements in the music and film industry but he can't seem to find the other half of
his heart...until he met the man named Kim Junsu. YunHo Jung has had his share of relationships with girls in the past but what is  with the heart beat when he met the pâtissier named Kim Jaejoong? He is straight...right?

Changmin Jung was the youngest prodigy in business...together with his older brother, the Jungs were indestructible. But beneath that great businessman front lies a secret... something not even his brother or cousin know...

Chapter 22: Welcome to the Tsuki Headquarters

Note: the ones in bold are phone discussion

Junsu breathed deeply before dialing on his phone... he didn’t have to wait that long before a hurried voice answered, OMG! Su! What happened to you? I got a call from YunHo earlier and they said you were ambushed!  Are you okay?

Junsu chuckled and he felt the mist back in his eyes, “I’m okay Jaejoong hyung... I’m sorry I wasn’t able to call earlier.”

“It’s okay. I understand. How’s Yoochun?”

“He’s doing okay hyung... there was no serious damage.”

Junsu heard a deep breath of relief from the other end and he smiled, “Ah I’m glad. I was really worried even if JinKi told me you both would be okay. At least I know you are safe with Yun-... hmmrfff...“

The novelist heard a loud shuffle on the other end and his forehead creased, “hyung? Are you there?”

“-ow!... hey Strawberry hyung...”

“YunJi? Where’s Jaejoong hyung? What was that shuffle?”

“That’s nothing Strawberry hyung... Jae umma is occupied at the moment. How are you?”

Junsu sighed, “Question of the day....”

*chuckle* “hearing sarcasm in your voice is definitely an evidence that you are okay or at least you are trying to make me believe you are.”

Junsu’s eyes widened and a fond smile formed on his lips, “I can’t hide anything from you... huh Ji?”

*scoff* “of course you can’t... not to me...“

“I know... hey, I’ll be going back to Yoochun now. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m okay. I’ll see you.”

“Strawberry hyung!”

“Yes, Ji?”

“Always remember that I love you and that everything is going to be okay.”

Junsu’s tears started to fall from his eyes as he closed the phone with a click, “stupid YunJi... making me cry again.”

Yoochun smiled as the door opened, “did you talk to Jaejoong hyung or YunJi? Hey, are you crying?”

“Yeah… I talked to both and that YunJi made me cry… insufferable brat.”

The actor-composer chuckled as Junsu plomped on the chair with a glare on his face, “what did he say?”

“Chunnie, he was acting nice?! That little devil IS acting nice and mature! That’s not my YunJi at all!”

Yoochun smiled fondly and held Junsu’s hand, “he is a sweet kid after all. I am not surprised. Ah, YunHo hyung said they’ll be visiting in a bit. Seems like my cousins know the owner of this place…Su babe, why are you gaping?”

“Y-your cousins…know the owner of this place?”

*nod* “yeah… or so YunHo hyung said… but he’ll explain when they get here.”

Junsu looked down and Yoochun used their interlaced hand to raise his lover’s chin, “hey… is there anything wrong?”

“I just… Chunnie, what would you do if… never mind. It’s nothing.”

Yoochun raised Junsu’s hand and kissed it with smile on his face, “don’t worry too much. It’s going to be okay. My cousins love you.”

A pained smile was on Junsu’s lips as he thought, “that’s because they do not know who I really am yet.”


Junsu shook his head and smiled, “I just said I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Jaejoong has just taken out a bag from Junsu’s room when Jinki came back in, “ah Jae hyung. The service will be here in approximately 10 minutes. Is this everything that Junsu hyung needs? Looks like he’s packed for a month worth...”

*blink* *blink*

“U-uh… Jaejoong hyung? Are you okay?”

Jinki’s hair was now parted on one side and colored a little darker than his usual brown, nerd glasses ditched, and a fancier and fashionable one clipped on his shirt. He was wearing a white pirate skull designed shirt with sleeveless black vest on top slightly tucked in fitted black pants and white high cut boots.  On his neck is a silver necklace with the design of a crescent moon with a dragon entwined, earring shaped as a knight shield on one of his ears, a black leather bracelet on one wrist and a fancy watch on the other.

The oldest Kim shook his head to clear his head, eyes wide…”Y-you... you are J-Jinki… right?”

Jinki laughed at Jaejoong’s surprised expression and nodded, “yes hyung. This is me… in full mafia attire. When I am like this I am called Onew…a name given my Master Ryousuke himself.”

“Wow… I never thought… you had it in you. You actually look cool.”

*shake head* “I’ll just take that as a compliment hyung…”

The door to YunJi’s room opened just a few seconds and he came out with his hair now a mix of chocolate brown and a little red from the usual onyx black.  He was wearing a sleeveless red-black hoodie with a golden dragon design at the back showing off the toned arms he had been hiding well.  The hoodie was messily tucked in blue denim pants with a white belt and black high cut boots on his feet. The hoodie was zipped midway revealing his toned chest and a bit of his upper abs. On his neck was the same necklace as Jinki except for some black gem on the dragon’s body, each ear has a small cross earring with the black gem in the middle and a silver dragon shaped bracelet on one wrist.

 Jinki bowed politely, “Master Ryousuke… the service will be here in approximately 8 minutes.”

Thank you, Onew. Jae hyung, is that Strawberry hyung’s case?”

YunJi’s smile disappeared as he waved a hand in front of Jaejoong who was standing frozen, “hyung?”

Onew/Jinki shook his head in amusement, “Ryou… I think you shocked him. He has just recovered from me earlier. Plus you automatically used your real voice when I reported.”

“Oh…” YunJi sighed and scratched his messy mop of hair,”er... sorry hyung. This is how I look like before I lived here. I just removed the temporary hair dye and dressed as casual as I can.”

YunJi/Ryousuke snapped his fingers several times in front of Jaejoong but he still stood unmoving from his spot, “this is bad... the car will be here in a few minutes.  Should I just carry him in the car if he doesn’t snap out of it?”

“Kiss him”, Onew/Jinki smiled as innocently as he can when his master sent him a slight glare. “What? We need something else to shock him with right? Or would you rather I do it instead?”

An even deadlier glare was sent the Blood Knight’s way and if he was some ordinary person, he knew he would have been shaking in his boots by now. Onew/Jinki’s smile did not falter and YunJi/Ryousuke scowled, “be thankful I love you Lee or you would be dead by now. Dammit, I really hate doing this type of thing.”

The blood knight smiled sweetlyas Ryou raked a hand on his hair, “I love you too Ryousuke-kun.Now stop messing your hair and get on with it...please.”

The Dragon prince sent another glare towards his best friend’s direction before walking behind his eldest brother. Using his normal voice which was a few octaves lower than the one he uses as YunJi, he spoke close to Jaejoong’s ear, “Jaejoong... can you hear me?”

Jaejoong nodded robotically and Jinki/Onew gave thumbs up to tell his bestie that it’s working. After a deep sigh, Ryou moved closer and suddenly kissed his brother’s cheek.

The eldest Kim blushed beet red as he whipped to turn around, shock totally forgotten, “w-what do you think you are doing Kim YunJi!”

YunJi/Ryousuke whistled as he casually moved to stand beside his knight who seemed thoroughly amused, “that dear Jaejoong hyung is what we call a kiss. You’re lucky you were able to get one from the famous Dragon Prince.”

Jaejoong sputtered, “B-but I’m his umma! That’s incest! A-and zip up that shirt you’re wearing Ji!”

 YunJi/Ryousuke scratched his cheek, an apologetic smile on his face, “Sorry umma... you were in shock so we had to give you another shock of the same level. Don’t worry. I do love you but only as my umma and older hyung and you look better with YunHo hyung anyway.  Besides, it was just a cheek kiss...and why do I have to zip my hoodie? I’m not naked. “

“B-because that is illegal! Oh God, this is so embarrassing! I know I’m beautiful but my own son falling in love with me? How can I face YunHo?!”

“I told you, I shouldn’t have done that.” The young leader facepalmed while his knight chuckled still amused at the whole situation. A knock on the door halted the conversation between the three and Jinki/Onew smiled, “they’re here.”

The blood knight carried the bag Jaejoong prepared with ease as he went ahead to check the area for his master and his master’s older brother.  YunJi/Ryousuke shook his head still not approving of the procedure but nevertheless waited until his best friend signalled, “you may come out heika... its safe.”

YunJi/Ryousuke rolled his eyes and muttered, “of course it would be... stupid protocols. Umma lets go. I have a meeting in a bit and I don’t like being late.”

Jaejoong nodded and copied the same serious expression on the younger Kim’s face as they went out of the apartment and into the car. Once the door closed and the limousine’s driver window closed... Jinki chuckled, “Jae hyung... are you all right?”

“Oh wow! I’ve never ridden in a limousine before! Ji-ah, your parents must really be loaded huh?!”

The Dragon prince crossed his legs and pressed a button before taking out a cola from the cooler, “otousan is definitely rich but this car... was bought with my own money. Do you want cola Jae umma? There’s diet cola here too.”

“Oh thank you. By the way, did I do well earlier?”

“Did well with what umma?”

Jaejoong grinned as he opened the can with a click, “well... I tried to look serious so I can be scary. I’m your umma so I might as well seem the part.”

YunJi/Ryousuke chuckled as he took another sip of his cola, “yeah umma... you did well. Onew, should we buy flowers for the hyungs?”

Jinki/Onew stopped typing on his laptop to look at the prince, “I’ve already ordered them. We’ll just pick them up at the reception of the headquarters.”

After about twenty minutes of travel, the skyscrapers were well within view. Amongst them is one with glass panels and a crescent moon in the middle.

“Ji-ah...is that the building you own? That one with the moon design in front?”

YunJi/Ryousuke smiled at his oldest brother, “yes umma... welcome to the Tsuki headquarters.”

The limousine stopped in front of the lavish building and men in black suits lined up in front of the entrance. Jinki/Onew closed his laptop and placed it inside the bag before taking off his glasses and clipping it back on his shirt before coming out first followed by YunJi/ Ryousuke who was nowwearing a stylish pair of shades that seemed to come out of nowhere... Jaejoong gulped as he returned his glance back inside the car feeling underdressed in his simple tshirt, denim pants and high cut rubber shoes.

A hand shot from outside and Jaejoong straightened in surprise as YunHo’s face appeared on the limousine’s door, “ah Jaejoong! I knew it was you! I didn’t know you were going here. Let’s go, they’re waiting... ”

Jaejoong shyly reached for YunHo’s hand as the latter lightly pulled him outside. There he found Changmin waving at them and another guy he doesn’t know as they made their way closer.

“You should have told us you were coming; I could have dropped by your house and picked you up instead so you didn’t have to go with the mafia.”

The oldest Kim melted at the sight of the YunHo’s smile but frowned as he remembered how he ‘cheated’ on the love of his life earlier, “its okay YunHo... I-um... I better go ahead. Changmin-ssi, did you see were Ji-ah went?”

Changmin smiled, “Please call me Changmin... knowing him, he should be waiting for you at the elevator.”

“Thank you!”

The two Jungs looked at each other as Jaejoong ran towards the elevator where the Prince and the Knight are indeed waiting. JiHoon turned a questioning glance at the youngest who smiled, “Min is he talking about Ryou?”

Changmin nodded and smiled, “yes... that beautiful guy is my future brother in law.”

YunHo blushed beet red and almost hit the youngest on the head had he not moved aside, “what the hell are you telling Hoonie hyung!?”

The youngest smirked as he walked a bit ahead, “I was just telling Hoonie hyung that I will one day marry Jaejoong hyung’s brother... what else did you think I was implying?”

YunHo knew he was owned as their oldest brother smirked, “C-Changmin! Yah! Come here you!”

JiHoon chuckled and shook his head as he ushered his younger brothers to the elevator, “hey kids! Let’s go to my office. Don’t cause a scene here.”

Changmin stuck his tongue out at YunHo who sighed in defeat as they followed the oldest Jung to the elevator.


“Ya! YunJi-ah! You didn’t tell me YunHo would be coming!! He’s looking like his godly self and I didn’t even put any effort! How can you let your umma be shamed!”

YunJi/Ryousuke sighed as he scratched his head, “I didn’t know umma... I promise.”

Jaejoong’s glare was then sent to JinKi/Onew who was fiddling with his tablet, “Jae hyung... if we knew YunHo ssi was coming, we would have told you. Besides, you are beautiful... you said so yourself so it should be okay right?”

The oldest Kim sighed exasperatedly and waved his hand, “oh all right... it can’t be helped.”

YunJi/Ryousuke gave a sweet smile to his hyung who ruffled his hair, “you know Ji... as much as I like you looking cool and all... I still prefer my sweet and innocent son. I’m not saying I don’t accept that you are the leader of all this...”

The elevator bell rung at the top most floor of the building and before any of them had stepped out, YunJi/Ryousuke said softly, “Jae hyung... I prefer the YunJi you know than my current self too.”

Before he could comment, the two young mafia leaders had gone out of the elevator and were waiting for him outside with no trace of the earlier sadness, “Come along umma... I’ll show you my room and Onew’s room. But we’ll start with his room first.”

“Why me first?!”

*smirk*“Shut up Onew...I’m the boss.”


The prince smiled sweetly at his knight before he opened the oak door, “aaaand.... here we have Onew’s room!”

It was relatively clean with a bunch of pictures on one side and a lot of chicken stuff on another side. Jinki pouted and grabbed the large chick pillow as Jaejoong walked around the room, “its nice and... so... chicken inspired... this room is larger than two of our rooms combined. Are those pictures of you, Jinki-ah?”

“Yeah. These are my parents and those are my cousins.” The now smiling JinKi/Onew said as he stood closer to Jaejoong while the dragon prince sat on the sofa also hugging another of the knight’s chicken pillows.

“W-who’s this kid? He looks familiar...”

JinKi/Onew stilled for a bit and glanced at his best friend as if asking for permission. YunJi/Ryousuke stood (chicken pillow still at hand) and spoke, “he’s no one important hyung...”

Jaejoong’s eyebrows knitted as he looked at the picture, “are you sure? I am sure I know this kid... I just can’t think where...”

Gripping the chicken pillow tighter, the prince shook his head, “don’t worry about it, its not really important.  We’ve been here too long, let’s move on to my room!”

The prince tugged (dragged) Jaejoong to his bedroom a few steps away from the Knight’s, it had a much larger door as he expected but the door was painted black.

“Ready umma?”

The memory of the smiling boy in the picture kept haunting Jaejoong’s mind and he didn’t notice that YunJi/Ryousuke had been waving a hand in front of him already.  YunJi/Ryousuke frowned just as Onew followed at his room clearly upset, “Yunnie... you flattened Chickira...”

“I... flattened who?”

Onew raised the chicken pillow Ryousuke was holding earlier and the prince had to stifle the laugh before he gets his friend any more upset, “I’m really sorry Onew... I didn’t know I hurt Chi-chi-...”


The prince almost rolled his eyes but stopped right in time, right... uh I promise to not flatten any of them again. Now Knight... can you make sure things are clear outside Junsu nii and Yoochun nii’s rooms before we go down? Also, we need the flowers ready.”

At YunJi/Ryousuke’s change of tone, the blood knight straightened and bowed politely before walking out of the master’s room (still holding Chickira). The prince then opened the door and lightly pushed his surprised brother.


*chuckle* “Welcome to my room Jae umma...”

Jaejoong noted that the ceiling of the room was painted like the universe with stars and planets, the sides were painted a soft yellow. Upon entering, you can see a small library complete with couches and chairs. In front of the four posters bed is a large flatscreen TV and several kinds of gaming consoles beside it. A small cabinet containing several games neatly stacked close and a collection of mangas/comics with action figures was at the very far end.

“Cleaner than I expected... your room shouts that a prince is staying here from one corner to another.”

Across that were a grand piece of white piano and a violin resting on top of it with several papers with messy handwriting. Jaejoong smiled as he touched the piano, “do you play?”

“Yes...  unfortunately it’s a requirement for kids in the rich community to play instruments. “

“At least its a good thing to learn... oh you know the violin too?”


“Okay... play for me.”

Jaejoong made himself comfortable on the bed and looked expectantly at YunJi who stared dumbly, “come on! You said you can play! Don’t waste that nice looking piano of yours!”

YunJi/Ryousuke raked a hand on his already messy hair and sighed defeatedly, “it’s been years since I played the piano umma so please do not expect me to still play well...”

Removing the top cover of the piano, YunJi/Ryousuke breathed deeply before starting to play... Jaejoong was moving his head to the music when he suddenly heard someone sing...

kawazoi o aruku haru no yuuhodou
kaze ni yureru yokogao nani omou no?
tama ni sabishisou ni kuchibiru kamu shigusa
boku wa itsudemo kimi dake matteru

shiranai furi o shite boku o umaku kawashite
mienai garasu no kabe ni kakurete shimau

yoru no panorama boku no koto dake sagashite
jikan o tomete nee warattekure yo
sotto kono mama uso demo ii yo kamawanai
asufaruto ni nokoru kimi to boku dake no kioku

YunJi/Ryousuke chanced a glance at Jaejoong who was wiping tears from his eyes. The prince immediately stopped and turned, “umma...are you okay?”

“I can’t explain why but the tears just fell while you were playing... I’m sorry.”

YunJi/Ryousuke smiled sadly as he shook his head, “its okay... um t-that song... was the last one composed by my real father.”

Several claps were heard from the door and the Kim brothers both blushed at the sight of the Jung brothers at the door with a very amused Onew, “Sorry Ryou-kun... Rain-sama was with them so the guards allowed them entry.”

*glare* “Don’t lie to me Onew... I know every cell in that body of yours...”

“I would love to comment on that Ryou-kun... if only Max-san isn’t staring at me with intent to kill.”

YunHo and Jaejoong looked confusedly at the two then at JiHoon who snickered and Changmin who seems ready to behead Onew.  

YunJi/Ryousuke shook his head still blushing as he closed the piano, “aish… let’s go hyung. The tour isn’t over yet.  And Jihoon-nii… my room is off limits for tours and that rule doesn’t make you an exception even if you are Renji-touchan’s guard. Is that understood?”

The room temperature seemed to have become chilly with the change in the prince’s expression and voice tone. YunHo shivered and Changmin looked away as JiHoon bowed politely, “as you wish Ryou-kun. I apologize for barging in on you.”

Onew sighed, completely unaffected but was not going to comment anything when a fist collided with YunJi/Ryousuke’s head, “Ow! Umma what was that for?!”

Jaejoong huffed and hand his hands on his hips as he scolded the prince who was scratching his head, “how many times do I have to tell you Kim YunJi?! You have to be polite to everyone who is older than you! Even if Jinki-yah and these people spoil you, I will not do the same! You hear me?! Now apologize!”

*pout* “But umma! They can’t just barge in and see my personal things! Besides, I’m a leader… and they have to respect me as such!”

“Why you little kid! You are answering your umma now! I don’t care if you are a leader; you have to listen to me!”

Onew/Jinki chuckled and patted JiHoon who was watching awestruck at the scenario. YunHo looked helplessly at Changmin who sighed, “Jaejoong hyung… Ryou is right though so please don’t scold him.”

Jaejoong’s fiery eyes then turned to Changmin who took a few steps backwards, “I say its not right and it is not! Even if you are in love with my son, it is not right for you to tolerate his bad manner!”

The bestfriends looked at each other and Jinki/Onew nodded before pushing YunHo towards the nagging Jaejoong. YunHo stumbled forward and ended up giving a backhug to Jaejoong who turned beet red. YunHo immediately released the hug and scratched his chin awkwardly, “u-um… s-sorry Jae.”

Changmin and the prince grinned at each other before moving towards the knight and JiHoon who was at the door.  JiHoon realized the relations between everyone and he smiled, “oooh… so that’s how things are….”

Jinki/Onew nodded and smiled softly, “yup! That’s how things are hyung… your younger brother is stealing my Yunnie and Jae hyung is trying to steal your other brother…”

JiHoon chuckled as they watched YunHo and Jaejoong blabber awkwardly at each other while the other ‘couple’ fought, “do they have another brother or sister I can have then?”

*chuckle* “so sorry… unfortunately, the other brother is taken by your cousin.”

The older man’s expression became serious for a bit as he crossed his arms, “you mean Xiah… don’t you?”

Jinki/Onew did not say anything as he walked closer to the ChangJin couple and whispered, “Ryou, its almost time for the meeting.”

At that the Prince’s expression became serious as he nodded, he gave a small smile to Jaejoong and YunHo who by now are still staring shyly at each other, “erm… hyung… umma… we’ll be taking you to the room where Yoochun hyung is. Junsu hyung should be there too judging from the last report I have. I can’t go with you because of the emergency meeting but there is one thing I would like to ask both of you.”

YunJae looked at each other and YunHo was the one who spoke, “what is it Ryou-ssi?”

“Don’t mention about who I really am to Yoochun hyung and Junsu hyung. If Junsu hyung asks, tell him YunJi will meet him later. I’m sorry for making you both lie to him but I would rather he knows that I am Ryousuke from me.”

Jaejoong released a deep sigh and hugged the younger man, “its okay Ji. I understand. Don’t worry too much. I’m sure Junsu would understand and accept you just like I did. He loves you and I know you know that.”

A genuine smile formed on the prince’s face and he lightly squeezed Jaejoong before he let go, “thank you umma. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Changmin grinned, “I love you too Ryou!”

“Shut up! No one is asking you. Anyway, YunHo hyung… you may just call me YunJi. After all, you are going to be my appa soon. Let’s go Jae umma, Jinnie.”

“A-appa?” YunHo stood shell shocked in the middle of the Dragon Prince’s room as the room owner dragged a blushing Jaejoong out with his knight walking closely behind. Changmin chuckled as he also dragged his frozen older brother and serious looking oldest brother out.

A/N: Writing this part is enjoyable ^^ Pics aren't mine... Credits to the owners. ^^ To those who wants to know how Jinki Lee and Onew Lee looks like... here you go. ^^

This is Lee Jinki, college student, certified chicken geek, part timer at Jiji's cafe and Kim YunJi's bestfriend.

This is Onew Lee also known as Blood Knight of the Mafia Tsuki group. Law graduate, serious and strict right hand person of the Dragon Prince himself.


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Verrrrry handsome!

Yeah, I could tell you enjoy writing this part. :) I hope Junsu's past is revealed soon.
Oct. 28th, 2012 03:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks for updating! Been waiting for it! It's good. Hope to see the next chapter soon.
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