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Title: Losing and Gaining a heart
Genre: drama, slight angst, romance
Pairings: DooJoon ♥ Suzy, SungYong ♥ Suzy, Changmin ♥ Yuki, LuHan ♥ Yuki

Summary:  This is the third of spinoffs of Sleeping Patey couples. This time we have past Prince DooJoon of Anera and Fairy Suzy and future Fairy Prince SungYong and Fairy Suzy

It has been a year since DooJoon died but Suzy can't still get herself over it. Her friends decided that its time they help... can they get her to forgive herself? To help her find new love? Or is it that love has always been around the corner and she just can't see it?


Suzy stood under the biggest tree of Seoul University Park watching as the leaves start to fall one by one. Wiping a tear from her eyes she
lightly touched the bark of a very special tree…

“I miss the way you would hold my hand and the way you would smile when I do silly things. I miss the way you ruffle my hair with a grin when you feel
proud of me. I miss…” *pause* “looking into your chocolate brown eyes. You should have taken me with you when you left. Stupid DooJoon.”

============================ONE YEAR AGO============================

Suzy gasped as she felt a cold hand covering her eyes, “Wha-?”

A kiss on the nape and a soft whisper asking her to guess made her smile, “Ya! You think I can’t even recognize my boyfriend’s voice?”

“Touché. “

When the hand on her eyes didn’t leave… the girl rolled her eyes, “out with it DooJoon. I know you are up to something.”

*grin* “Do you remember what day is today, honey?”

The girl smirked as she replied, “of course I do. It’s Wednesday, November 6th.”


“And what?”

 Doojoon sighed, “Oh you forgot… I suppose we can just forget about your surprise. I even prepared for it well.”

 He immediately retracted his hands and turned around to leave. He smirked when a hand shot to stop him, “w-wait! I was just kidding…”

DooJoon crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow, “Oh… really now?”

“Yeah…sorry honey.”

The man smiled as he gathered Suzy in his arms and kissed the top of her head, “I love it when you’re honest. Come on.”


Doojoon grinned as he handed the extra helmet for Suzy to take then rushed to get on as soon as she did. He excitedly brought the engine to life and gave her a wink, “it’s a secret! I’m sure you’ll love it though.”

Suzy shook her head as she lightly pinched her boyfriend’s side, “you’re so full of yourself, Mr. Yoon. What if I don’t love your surprise?”

She was rewarded with her beloved’s boyish smile making her smile too, “I’ve never disappointed you yet right love?”


Suzy smiled as she felt the soft breeze on her face as Doojoon slowly increased the pace of the motorcycle, “I’m sorry… I should have brought
the car but Kikwang needed to pick up her mom from the airport.

She grinned as she lightly squeezed her boyfriend’s torso, “its okay. I thought umma made you agree to stop spoiling me?”

DooJoon reached for Suzy’s hand and gave it a loving squeeze, “yeah well… I said I will not allow anyone else to spoil you because that privilege is
mine alone.”

Suzy turned tomato red, “yah! What’s with the cheesiness!? Eyes on the road!”

He chuckled and released her hand just as the traffic light turned green, “Yes ma’am!”

Just as the motorbike moved forward, a 10 wheeler came out of nowhere and is headed fast to their direction…

“D-DooJoon look out!”

=======================END FLASHBACK=========================


She sighed in exasperation as she recognized the voice of her neighbor, “You again? What do you need?”

 Sungyong crossed his arms and pouted, “Y’know, you should be glad you are in my amazing presence Seoyoung… girls all over the world would be delighted to take your place.”

Suzy lightly touched the tree once more before turning around to roll her eyes at the guy, “oh please…I never asked for your attention Mr. Soccer Superstar.”

“Ohohoho…I know you secretly like the attention I’m giving you. Anyway, Aunt Hyori said your friends are at your house so I was sent to get you.”

Suzy rolled her eyes as she walked down the hill, ignoring the boy as she went. SungYong’s eyes widened and ran to catch up to her, “Wait! I’m
coming with you!”

“You don’t have to.”

“But I want to!”

“I said no.”

“Why not?”

Suzy turned around; an action that almost made them bump each other had Sungyong’s soccer reflexes failed… “Because… I’m meeting my friends who you haven’t met and if they see you with me… it’s not gonna be nice.”

“Huh? Why not? Do they bite?”

Suzy let out an exasperated sigh, “Of course they don’t dummy! Listen. If I introduce you to them… they will start trying to match the two of us. “

The girl left without waiting for any response from the soccer player who mumbled, “It’s not that bad…”

“I’m going ahead!”

“Hey! I am doing this as a favor to your mum! Can’t you be a little considerate?”

SungYong rushed towards the parked car and closed the door just as Suzy started the car, “I’ll drop you at your house.”

“No need. I can just walk from your house to mine.”

After that short exchange, the ride back to their neighborhood was spent in silence, Suzy giving short glances over the tall guy sitting quietly on
the passenger seat.


SungYong didn’t remove his eyes from the window as he spoke, “What?”

“I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to snap like that.”

The  soccer player mumbled a soft, “its okay” and ruffled her hair. Suzy snorted and playfully swatted his hand away as the traffic light turned
green, “I’m older than you! Geez, you and DooJoon always do ruffle my hair.”

SungYong’s smile disappeared and said nothing as he watched Suzy drive with apout on her face. After some fifteen minutes of quiet companionship, the two arrived at their neighborhood. Suzy parked the car in front of their house and Sungyong wordlessly got out of her car and walked straight to his house.

*raised eyebrow* “He said he wasn’t angry so what was that about?”

“What was what?”

Suzy jumped and held a hand to her chest as she exhaled deeply, “don’t sneak up on me! You almost gave me a heart attack!”

Yuki grinned, “That’s the idea… anyway, aren’t you going to let us in?”

“Let you… Oh my God! When did you come back?!”

Suzy hugged the smiling Yuki when a shout was heard from inside the house, “Ya! Get inside the house!”

Another voice shortly followed saying, “the pregnant lady is getting cranky! Better get both your butts inside!”

Suzy chuckled as she grabbed Yuki’s arm and dragged her excitedly into her house where three other girls were waiting, “girls! Yuki’s back!”

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