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Title: Losing and Gaining a heart
Genre: drama, slight angst, romance
Pairings: DooJoon ♥ Suzy, SungYong ♥ Suzy, Changmin ♥ Yuki, LuHan ♥ Yuki

Summary:  This is the third of spinoffs of Sleeping Patey couples. This time we have past Prince DooJoon of Anera and Fairy Suzy and future Fairy Prince SungYong and Fairy Suzy

It has been a year since DooJoon died but Suzy can't still get herself over it. Her friends decided that its time they help... can they get her to forgive herself? To help her find new love? Or is it that love has always been around the corner and she just can't see it?


Amber stuck out her tongue at the smiling Suzy and crossed her arms, “we already know… and if you checked your emails early, you would have known about it too.”

Dify sighed as Patey helped her get comfortable in the chair, “Amby’s right. Last email she sent she mentioned about her school vacation and coming back for DooJoon’s anniversary.”

Patey gasped and Amber held her head with her hand as the smile on Suzy’s face completely disappeared. The tension in the room suddenly heightened and Yuki cleared her throat loudly to try and get everyone’s attention. Once she already has the attention she wanted, Yuki smiled as he ushered someone from outside the open door…

“Um… guys, this is my bestest bud in Beijing, LuHan. LuHan dear, these are my beloved sisters by soul… the pregnant one is dify… the blond is Amber… and the brunette is Patey.”

LuHan bowed politely and smiled, “hello. Yuki has been telling me a lot of things about you.”

 Patey recovered first and shook hands with the new guy, “I hope she’s only telling the good things about us. Pleased to meet you!”

Suzy forced a smile on her face as she shook hands with LuHan before saying, “Oh um... Have a seat. I-I’ll just go get some snacks.”

The rest watched as she walked towards her kitchens, head hung low. Once she was out of earshot, Amby turned to Dify who was sitting with her feet elevated…”you shouldn’t have mentioned about it yet… you know how hard it is for her!”

Dify sighed, “I know. But the reason why she hasn’t moved on is because we baby her too much. She can’t escape reality forever.”

“But can’t we do it slowly? We can’t expect her to just accept the loss of DooJoon oppa that easily.”

“She had a year to recover slowly… we overdid it and now she can’t stand on her own. There’s no other choice, Patey.”

Amber sighed and Patey looked like she was holding back her tears. Dify sighed again as she touched her huge belly, “I just want the old Suzy to come back. I am tired of seeing her with fake smiles.”

LuHan looked like a lost child and Yuki lightly bumped her friend’s shoulder, “Tomorrow is the anniversary of DooJoon hyung’s death. He was Suzy’s boyfriend of seven years.”

“Oh wow…what happened? I mean… that is if it’s okay for me to know.”

Yuki turned to her friends who are in a deep discussion and she sighed, “I suppose it won’t hurt for you to know a bit. Well um… a year ago, Doojoon hyung was supposed to propose to Suzy as a surprise for their eighth anniversary. We were… waiting in the Yoon ancestral house where the engagement party would be held in case Suzy says yes. That time, Dify said… she felt something was wrong but we shrugged it off as nervous jitters…” *sigh* “t-they were an hour late and… we were getting worried… Minmin checked them for me because he said I looked like I was going to faint anytime cause of worrying…b-but they can’t be reached. Then Uncle Hankyung called and said there was a call from the hospital and…”

LuHan wiped a tear from his friend’s eye and that was only then that Yuki realized she was crying, “thank you Lu…”

“No problem.  I think I can guess what happened next so it’s okay for you to not continue.”

Before Yuki could talk again, Suzy came back with a pitcher of juice and some pastries for her guests. She gave a small smile as she took in Yuki’s tear streaked face and the other three’s serious expressions, “Yuki, I’m the one who is supposed to cry… not you. Knock it out.  And you two… Dify is right you know. It’s high time for me to move on... it’s just that I don’t know how. ”

Patey gaped, “y-you heard us?”

Suzy rolled her eyes as she poured juice on the glasses,”Patey dear… our house isn’t as big as yours… I can hear you loud and clear from there.”


Dify struggled to sit up despite her eight month belly and Amber this time stood to help her up, “We are worried about you Suzy.”

Suzy sighed as she plopped beside Patey on the sofa, “I’m not going to kill myself if that is what you are saying. That hasn’t crossed my mind for a while now.”

Amber raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure? It was not just one time that you tried to take your own life…”

Suzy raked a hand on her hair, “Fine! I’m sorry! Does that make the cut? I was desperate. I lived, he died… it was unfair! I wanted to follow him… I should have died with him… I shouldn’t have lived! Do you know how hard this is?”

Patey wiped Suzy’s tears with her thumb and hugged her close, “sssh…”

LuHan lightly squeezed Yuki’s hand (feeling how tense she is at that time) and spoke in a calm voice, “I know the feeling… Suzy-ssi… and it isn’t easy but… there is a reason why you lived. You just need to find out what it is.”

Dify and Amby stared at LuHan with wide eyes and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, “um… I’m sorry for seeming like a smartass even though I’m an outsider but I can genuinely say I know what she’s going through. I can’t spill details but Yuki knows what I’m talking about.”

“Is this why you brought him here, Yuki?”

Yuki shook her head and sighed, “Not really, Patey… I honestly forgot about that Lu, I’m sorry. But I’m also happy you can share something with Suzy.”

Amber took one of Suzy’s hands and lightly squeezed it, “LuHan-ssi is right. There’s a reason why you are alive. I’m sure DooJoon oppa doesn’t like that you are shutting yourself down.”

Dify chuckled out of the blue and everyone looked at her with confused expression, “oh nothing… its just that this talk is way delayed.”

Amber chuckled, “true… but a lot has happened.”

Suzy smiled as she wiped the tears from her face, “thank you guys… really. If you weren’t here, I would be dead or crazy by now.”

Dify smirked and rubbed her pregnant belly as she said, “probably just dead if it weren’t for us… we weren’t able to help with the ‘crazy’ part.”


Suzy pouted and lightly hit everyone except Luhan on the shoulder, “I’m not crazy!”

“Yeeeah right…”

Yuki moved a bit forward and wiggled her eyebrows at Suzy who sighed, “soooo…. Who was the guy in your car earlier?”

Patey, Amby and Dify’s ears perked at the information and the three gave eager stare at Suzy who sighed, “You recover really fast… its annoying.”

“Aish! Just answer the question!”

*scratches cheek* “er… that was… my neighbor SungYong.”

Patey clasped her hands together and with eyes shining looked at Suzy who looked away, “don’t give me that look…”

“What look?”

Suzy sighed and massaged her forehead, “we are not seeing each other okay? SungYong and I have been neighbors since we were kids. Eomma just asked him to fetch me earlier because you guys are here.”

“Ooh I wanna meet him! Introduce him to us Suzy!”


“Bring that boy over so we can size him up!”

Suzy suppressed a chuckle at how ridiculous a very pregnant Dify looked with her fist raised and shook her head, “there’s no need for that… I already told you I am not in a relationship with him and I don’t think there ever will...or with any other man for that matter.”

“Why not?”

A small smile was what Patey got as answer to her question… after a slight pause, she replied…”because my heart died when DooJoon did...”

Amber sighed and shook her head, “never say never Suzy…you’re still young. I, myself said I won’t fall in love with Jinki and look where I am.”

Dify rubbed her tummy and smiled,”I also said I won’t go back to HyunJoong after all that and now I have a child here.”

Luhan’s signature smiled didn’t fade as he seconded, “I said I won’t step into Korea again and yet here I am.”

Yuki held her chin with her left as she smiled, “never say never Suzy… it always backfires.”

Suzy merely sighed and shook her head, “whatever you guys say…my heart will always belong to DooJoon and that’s that…I will never fall in love again.”

Yuki let out a defeated sigh as she watched Suzy walk away with the tray, “although I’m happy to see that she is moving on…”

“…and not slicing up her body parts…”

*sigh* “Yes, that too Amby… I still wish she could fall in love again. I’m sure DooJoon hyung doesn’t want her to remain stuck in the past. She deserves to be happy and find someone who can love her too.”

Luhan and Dify patted Yuki’s head at the same time making her pout, “Ya!!!”

Patey smiled,” I’m sure she will… the right guy just needs to come along and change her mind.”

“I certainly hope so.”

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