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Title: Losing and Gaining a heart
Genre: drama, slight angst, romance
Pairings: DooJoon ♥ Suzy, SungYong ♥ Suzy, Changmin ♥ Yuki, LuHan ♥ Yuki

Summary:  This is the Third of spinoffs of Sleeping Patey couples. This time we have past Prince DooJoon of Anera and Fairy Suzy and future Fairy Prince SungYong and Fairy Suzy

It has been a year since DooJoon died but Suzy can't still get herself over it. Her friends decided that its time they help... can they get her to forgive herself? To help her find new love? Or is it that love has always been around the corner and she just can't see it?

An accidental kiss

Suzy sighed as she bid the last of her friends’ goodbye and locked her door. With heavy footsteps, she went inside her room and opened her bedroom window only to be greeted by SungYong’s grinning face, “hola!”

Surprised, her hand slipped from the window pane and dropped clumsily on the floor with a loud thud. SungYong leaned closer to his bedroom window to check on her and see what happened, “er… Suzy? You okay?”

“Dammit! Ow! I told you not to surprise me like that!”

SungYong attempted to hide his laugh as Suzy stood holding her waist, “sorry ahjumma…”

“Shuddup!! I’m only a few months older than you!”

*tongue stuck out* “at least I don’t get surprised easily…ahjumma


Suzy picked up the vase containing her favorite hyacinths and posed to throw it to SungYong who grinned and gave a flying kiss before running away. She sighed and slowly returned the vase to its original position and shook her head, the usual strike of loneliness forgotten.

*mumble* “Stupid guy!”

As she turned around, she saw the picture of her and DooJoon hanging on the wall. She glared at the now empty opposite window and grumbled, “see what he did DJ? That ungrateful stupid soccer brained guy!”

DooJoon’s loving gaze calmed Suzy down fast and she sighed as she lightly touched the ends of the framed photograph, “if you were here…. I wouldn’t be even be entertaining that brat. I miss you, you handsome blockhead. You should be here defending me not smiling while watching me from up there.”

*ding dong*

Suzy placed the photograph down and sighed the umpteenth for the day, “I suppose he hasn’t gotten tired of pestering me yet.”

She took her sweet time walking to the door and immediately had her hands on her hips as she opened it wide, “what do you want?”

SungYong grinned and showed her a large box of pizza and six cans of cola, “I have food! Let’s watch a movie!”

*rolls eyes* “Yong, your house has a TV larger than ours… why do you have to watch whatever that is here?”

The soccer boy shrugged nonchalantly, “I just thought you might be lonely with Aunt Hyori out with mum. But if I’m disturbing you then I’ll come back next time when you’re free.”

He turned around, determined to go home when he was called halfway to their house, “Well, since you look pitiful waiting like that then get inside… you have to set up the dvd player though cause its you who wants to watch.”

SungYong bowed politely and smiled, “as you wish my lady…”

Suzy glared at the slightly younger boy and walked inside the house leaving SungYong jogging closely inside to catch up to her while balancing the pizza and cans of cola on the other hand.

“Oh its pretty clean here today…I was expecting it to be more chaotic since you can’t do chores well.”

“Listen you stupid egotistic monkey!” The girl who was walking ahead turned around to give SungYong a piece of her mind… the action was sudden that SungYong didn’t have time to stop. Making him collide with her and they crashed on the floor with their lips connected. The box of pizza upside down and the cans of cola scattered on the floor.

Time froze for a few seconds as the two lay awkwardly on the floor just looking at each other… then two scrambled apart like they were burned as they came to their senses.

“I- uh…”

SungYong coughed to clear his head and waved a hand before picking up the forgotten box and cans at the floor then placed them on the nearby table, “I-I didn’t mean to um… a-anyway, I-I should go home. See you…”

The red faced soccer player dashed to his house from inside Suzy’s home like a participant to a marathon leaving a dumbfounded girl behind.

As soon as she heard the door close, Suzy dropped on her knees, suddenly feeling very weak… “kiss…I … we…kissed… b-but why is my heart racing?”

The door rang after four minutes and Suzy who was still distracted, stared at the door with a blank expression… that was until Yuki’s voice came from outside the door, “Suuuuzy-chaaaan! We’re heeeeeeereeeee!!!!! If you don’t answer the door in two minutes… I’ll assume that something is wrong and break the door!”

“Yuki….you don’t just break doors! You’ll end up in jail! Goodness! You twins are going to be the death of me!”

“But Amby how can we get in if Suzy sliced up herself again? It would take time before Hyori noona comes even if we call her now and she might lose a lot of blood.”


A young man’s calm voice followed, “Yuyu…. Amber-ssi is right. It’s not right to just break the door of someone else’s house. Besides, I don’t think she would take her life based on what we talked about earlier.”

*pout* “I already said I am not going to attempt to kill myself anymore didn’t I? Can’t you just forget that momentary lapse of my life?”

Yuki grinned and waved hello at the red faced girl, “oh there you are!! We’re back! I talked to eomma and he said Lu and I can stay for a while more since Lu will be staying at Thehun’s house later.”

Luhan elbowed Yuki who made a pained expression, “his name is Sehun not Thehun! Don’t make fun of his lisp!”

“Ow! I didn’t know he had a lisp Lu Han! Kai just calls him maknae and Minmin calls him kid so how would I know!?”

Amber sighed and placed her hand on Suzy’s shoulder, “let’s get inside… your neighbors are looking….”

Suzy nodded and opened the door wider for the three while LuHan apologizes to Yuki who was glaring dangerously at him. She was watching curiously at the two when she got a glimpse of SungYong looking at them from their window. Her face reddened more and she grabbed both by collar and rushed inside the house then slammed the door shut.


Yuki’s glare softened as she raised an eyebrow at Suzy, “did… anything happen?”

Amber also had the same questioning look on her face and Suzy scratched her cheek, “I-it’s nothing…”

“Oh pizza and colas! Why are they on the floor?”

LuHan picked the pizza box slowly and placed it on the nearby table before picking up the cans one by one…”these seem a lot for yourself, Suzy-ssi…”

Suzy shook her head, and replied as indifferent as she can, “Just call me Suzy… anyway, those are…from the neighbor. We were supposed to watch the movie he rented.”

Amber nodded and raised an eyebrow as she looked around, “well then where is he?”

“Oh… uh…F-family emergency! Yes! That’s it! He um… had to go back to the house next door cause they needed him. We can just eat the pizza if you guys want.”

Yuki crossed her arms and Lu Han chuckled at the intense stare she was giving her friend who squirmed a little, “that neighbor… you mean the guy from your car earlier, SungYong… right?”

“H-how’d you know?”

“Cause that guy has been trying to see inside of your house, Suzy-chan.”

Suzy turned beet red and hastily took a lying shoe and threw it in the direction of the neighbor’s door where SungYong was standing. Amber massaged her forehead and sighed, “I don’t think I want to ask why you did that…”

“Let’s just eat. Don’t mind that guy.”

Luckily the pizza wasn’t ruined and it was soon distributed between the four people while watching the movie Amber randomly picked from the pile… they were engrossed in the movie when Yuki spoke out of the blue…

“You know… I don’t think DooJoon hyung would mind if you fall in love with someone else. Besides, no one would judge you for finding happiness.”

Suzy placed her pizza down and sighed, “Are we on this topic again?”

“We didn’t end it earlier so yes.”

Suzy stood and glared menacingly, “Yuki… you can’t lecture me like that when you can’t even even find happiness for yourself.”

Amber gasped, surprised at Suzy’s sudden attack… Yuki calmly took another bite of her pizza and chuckled, “if you were some other person… I would have hit you already but because I know you, you’re forgiven. Besides… I’m happy. I don’t know why you guys would think I’m not. Changmin is only a part of my life not my entirety so that’s where we differ. I have my family, you guys and my close friends in Beijing.”

Lu Han snaked an arm around his bestfriend’s waist and buried his nose on her neck, “that’s my girl…”

Suzy raised her chin in the air and proudly proclaimed, “Well then I am happy too…”

“Yeah? If you are then why were you convinced that you need to follow DooJoon hyung to the afterlife? Why do you keep on visiting that tree in the school courtyard? Why can’t you give that guy a chance?”

“SungYong doesn’t see me that way! Why do we need to make an issue about him? He’s just a neighbor to me!”

“Can’t you just open your eyes even just a bit? There is no mistake with the way his eyes shine when he looks at you!”

“Yuki, butt out of this! This is my life and I’m satisfied with DooJoon period.”

Yuki massaged her forehead as a heavy sigh escaped her lips, “I know that it’s your life and if you aren’t important to me I wouldn’t even give a heck if you end up as a spinster hugging pictures of DooJoon and wearing his old shirts til you grow wrinkly. Oh and my butt is perfectly fine where it is Suzy… thank you very much.”

Suzy glared at Yuki with intensity that could have scared other people away but since they are friends, Yuki merely met hers with a blank stare of her own.

Amber opened a can of cola and offered one to LuHan as they calmly watched the two spew words at each other. After a long sip, Amber released a satisfied sigh and finally spoke, “we just want you to be happy Suzy… as Luhan have said there is a reason why you lived and not him. His destiny must have been to be an angel and yours would be with someone else who can love you more than he can.”


Yuki grabbed Suzy’s hand and squeezed it lightly, “by giving SungYong a chance, we don’t mean you have to forget about hyung. That’s asking for the impossible. In order to move on, you need to remember his smiles, tears and how you loved and fought with each other. Then open your heart for other people to get in… you can’t keep us locked out forever.”

Suzy wiped a tear from her eye as she jerked her hand away from Yuki’s grip, “ew… you still have pizza crumbs in your hand.”

“Oh sorry.”

*sniff* “Stupid… you didn’t need to say sorry. Ah crap! You made me cry! I haven’t cried for months!”


“I said don’t apologize! Geez!”

LuHan smiled as the friends made up and he spotted Amber in deep thought, “Amber? What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking… I remember Suzy telling me before that her first love was a neighbor younger than her by a few months but he moved away cause the boy’s family had to move to Europe or something.”


Amber continued thinking aloud while Yuki and Suzy kept bickering in the background, “and I remember Patey telling me something that Aunt Hyori mentioned but I’m not too sure… Hey Suzy…”


“Have that guy been living there for a long while now?”

Suzy pouted as she replied, “You mean SungYong? Yeah… we were childhood friends but his family moved to Europe for a few years then came back last year to continue studying here and to pursue soccer.”

Amber smirked and Luhan chuckled confusing both Yuki and Suzy who was now looking at them both, “what is it?”


Suzy was about to say something else when Yuki’s cellphone rang, “hello? Minmin? Yeah I’m still at Suzy’s place with Lu and Amby. Psh… you said I can go when I told you earlier! Yes you did! Hm? You’ll pick me up> Okay. I’ll wait for you. Hm? Of course I still do. Must you ask every time we talk? I’m hanging up! Huh? But aren’t you on a mee-… you cancelled? What?! Oh never mind. Don’t drive too fast. See ya!”

Suzy and Amber gaped at Yuki while LuHan calmly drank his cola, “is Changmin hyung picking you up?”

“Yeah… he wants me to try the chicken diner close to their office. Uh… are you two all right?”

“You and Changmin oppa…”

Yuki grinned and she reached for a cola, “hm? He’s working on it. At least that’s what he said. Oh well, we aren’t together in that sense yet but meh. Lu, we’ll take you to SeHun’s house before we go to the diner. Ambykins, come with us…twinnie will meet us there.”

A faint sincere smile was seen on Suzy’s face at Yuki’s news, “finally huh? DooJoon did say Changmin oppa would get to his senses one day. You two have been destined the day you two were born.”

“Yeah well… I still can’t say its all gonna work out. I’m not even sure he could force his heart to fall in love with me but at least he wanted to give it a try.”

“There’s at least 3 or 4 guys I know who are praying it wouldn’t work though.” Luhan grinned knowingly at his best friend who glared.

“Shut up Lu. SuHo and Kris don’t look at me like that and that’s just two people!”

LuHan merely shrugged, “uh can I stay here? SeHun can just pick me up here and then we’ll get bubble tea… I’ll just call him and tell him where I am exactly. If… it’s okay with Suzy, that is?”

Suzy smiled and nodded, “of course. I would also like to meet that SeHun guy. Been hearing he’s a cutie from the ahjumma’s outside but I never got to meet him.”

Yuki and Amber looked apprehensive as they shot sneak glimpses at the guy who was still staring holes inside Suzy’s house, “er…are you sure? Lu’s a guy and you two are the only ones here…”

LuHan lightly bonked Yuki’s head, still that angelic smile on his face, “don’t you know me enough to ask that question Park Yuki?”

“Ow… course I know you LuHannie, you’re an angel… it’s just that…” *pause and looks at the window* “Oh… Oh!!!!! Okay! Sure. I’ll call SeHunnie for you.”

LuHan ruffled Yuki’s hair and Amber sighed, “I am not sure about this but I trust you guys.”

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