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Title: Losing and Gaining a heart
Genre: drama, slight angst, romance
Pairings: DooJoon ♥ Suzy, SungYong ♥ Suzy, Changmin ♥ Yuki, LuHan ♥ Yuki

Summary:  This is the third of spinoffs of Sleeping Patey couples. This time we have past Prince DooJoon of Anera and Fairy Suzy and future Fairy Prince SungYong and Fairy Suzy

It has been a year since DooJoon died but Suzy can't still get herself over it. Her friends decided that its time they help... can they get her to forgive herself? To help her find new love? Or is it that love has always been around the corner and she just can't see it?

Moving on

A car horn was heard outside making all the girls jump and LuHan chuckle, “Changmin hyung sure got here fast.”

Yuki sighed as Suzy opened the door for her fiancé, “I was actually looking forward to staying until way later… I have tons of stories to tell.”

A handsome looking Changmin in a suit walked inside Suzy’s house looking very much out of place in the simple home, “are you supposed to let your own fiancé hear that, Yu?”

“No, not really… but seriously Min, you didn’t have to cancel all those meetings. I’m perfectly fine here.”

Changmin loosened his tie and sat beside the pouting Yuki, “I told you its okay. Besides, you said you’ll spend all your vacation time with me so we can go on dates and then I can fall in love with you...”

*sigh* “I told you not to force it Jung Changmin. If it happens then it does, if it doesn’t then let it go. I also need to spend time with my friends and my family during this vacation.”

Suzy and Amber watched in shock as Changmin nonchalantly hugged Yuki’s waist, “I don’t mind you spending time with them as long as I’m the number 1 priority.”

Yuki reddened and lightly hit the man holding him, “aish… you big baby! I told you I’m not used to you suddenly saying and doing weird stuff!”

Changmin loosened his hug with a chuckle but made sure to interlace their hands as she tried to talk their interlaced hands off, “Suzy I’ll borrow my princess for a bit. LuHan-ah…. say hello to the kiddo for me.”

Suzy nodded and LuHan grinned at the grinning guy and his glaring bestfriend,” sure will hyung. Enjoy the chicken Yu! And say hello to Jinki for me.”

“Will do. Lulu, if… you encounter any trouble… you do know my mobile number right? I’ll steal Min’s car and fetch you as fast as I can.”

LuHan hugged Yuki who hugged back with one arm, “don’t worry too much. It will work out.”

“What was that about?”

Yuki nodded and dragged Changmin whose eyebrow is raised while Amber hugs Suzy goodbye, “I’ll call you tonight after the chicken dinner. Tell me everything okay?”

*roll eyes* “I don’t have anything else to say that you don’t already know.”

Amber just chuckled as she patted Luhan’s shoulder, “yeah… yeah… wait for my call.”

As the YukiMin couple plus Amber closed the door and left, Suzy slumped on the sofa, “seriously those girls just don’t quit.”

LuHan followed the couple with sad eyes until the door has closed, “they are just worried for you.”

“I know LuHan but I don’t want any other man. I don’t know why they can’t accept that. And I don’t know why I’m pouring everything to you like this when we just met today. I’m sorry.”

LuHan shook his head as he sat on the opposite end of the sofa, “nah its okay. Would you like to listen to a story while I’m waiting for SeHun?”

“I guess…”

LuHan leaned on the sofa, one arm cradling his head and a distant look in his eyes, “There was once this plain boy who fell in love with the school Madonna… to the couple, it was a match made in heaven but to everyone else… the girl deserved someone else. She was the beautiful and smart student and he was the soft looking average boy but they didn’t mind because they loved each other and to them nothing else mattered. The couple reached their first year anniversary and the boy thought he should do something for his perfect girl and so he planned a surprise picnic on their secret place. He decided to do this on his own and to make sure that everything was perfect; he had to sacrifice not meeting with his girl for a few days. He told his girl that he was running errands for his family and she accepted it with a smile on her face… even saying that she was proud of his man…”

The man paused for a few seconds and Suzy thought he totally stopped when he continued talking, “the day of their anniversary came and everything was perfect. All he had to do was to get her to their secret place. He immediately went to her house and with all smiles asked her older sister where she is. Her older sister lightly patted the boy’s head and with tears on her face said that her girl was dead. She was killed when she fought the guy who attempted to rape her on her way home the day they last spoke.”

Suzy felt the tears on her eyes and she hastily wiped them away, “I’m sorry…”

LuHan also wiped the tears in his eyes, “how’d you know it was me?”

“Your eyes…”

 “Ah my eyes gave me away, hm? You know, I blamed myself for what happened to her. I changed and swore never to love anyone else again.”

“B-but it wasn’t your fault that it happened to her!”

The man nodded and sighed, “Maybe that’s true but at that time, I felt responsible enough that I shut myself away from everybody… even my family and childhood friends. I lived like that, trusting no one and loving no one. That was until I met this nosy girl.”

Suzy crossed her legs on the sofa, eyes shining with curiosity, “a nosy girl?”

LuHan chuckled, “yeah... she’s a Korean who speaks funny mandarin and was visiting her equally loud and nosy uncle in Beijing. She caught me crying in front of Mei’s grave on her third year death anniversary and she patted my head like a little kid. That ticked me off and I shouted at her who calmly sighed, she patted my cheek then and said I shouldn’t be crying with anguish or the dead would not be able to rest. She reminded me so much of my dead girlfriend that I fled right then and there. Apparently, destiny loves messing with me and that girl happened to be the niece of the couple next door.”

“H-how did you move on?”

LuHan took one of the cola cans and took one large gulp before he continued his story, “She helped me forgive myself. That was the hardest part. I always thought that by forgiving myself and loving someone else I would have betrayed Mei and the feelings I have for her but it wasn’t true. I was only satisfying myself by feeding the guilt that shouldn’t have felt. You know, she came every single day and eventually I was able to tell her everything about MeiZhu. She told me I should be thankful that the person I love shared the same feelings even for such a short time…that there must be someone else I was destined to be wit and that Mei wanted me to be happy. Believe it or not… what my family tried to accomplish in three years, she did in two weeks.”

“Wow… she must be something!”

He chuckled and squished the empty cans as he answered, “You should know better than me…. Since you have been friends with Yuki far longer.”

Suzy’s eyes bulged, “you were talking about Yuki? That spoiled little Yuki?”

“Yes… that Yuki. I owe her a lot… if she didn’t get me out of that slump, I wouldn’t be able to let MeiZhu go and allow myself to fall in love again...”

*sigh* “I don’t know LuHan… I still love DooJoon and even though I am guilty with what happened. I don’t think I can forget him.”

“No one said you should Suzy. In my heart, no girl can ever match up to my pretty Mei but I had to accept that she’s an angel now and that in fact she also wants me to be happy. Just give your heart a chance to love someone else.”

Suzy looked at DooJoon’s smiling face from the picture of the two of them in the living room and wiped a tear from her eyes, “I can actually imagine him saying the same thing to me. Its unfair isn’t it? Why do they have to go first?”

“It is… but we can never question God’s will. Things happen because there’s a reason for it. ”

LuHan took one more pizza and bit before drinking some soda, “but you know… you are luckier than me.”


LuHan smiled but this did not quite reach his eyes, “because… you were able to spend your last day with your lover before he died and… there is someone already waiting and willing to heal your heart.”

Suzy glared as she popped a cola can open, “don’t be absurd! There’s no one like that to me! I’ve probably scared half of the male population since I was younger and no one dared approach me aside from DooJoon.”

“Slow and dense hm?”

The girl hit Luhan with a throw pillow making the guy laugh, “Heeeeey! I’m not dense! It’s just… I don’t think there is someone like that for me…”

LuHan’s eyes sparkled and he wiggled an eyebrow, “want to bet?”


LuHan smirked and faced the window as he moved closer to the surprised Suzy and whispered in her ear, “look around you…maybe that person has been there all the time…just waiting for the right moment.”

Suzy blushed at the closeness of LuHan’s handsome face to hers and then the door to Suzy’s house burst open revealing a red faced SungYong and a stunned SeHun, “Yong! What are you doing here?”

SungYong swung and gave LuHan a punch on the face, “how dare you touch her!”

LuHan wiped the blood off his cut lip and he chuckled, “looks like Hunnie’s here. I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll forgive you for that punch but wait for my reinforcement tomorrow when my bestie hears about this. Yuki doesn’t easily forgive anyone who hurts my face.” *chuckle* ”Suzy, remember what I told you.”

SungYong was still glaring at LuHan as the latter bonked the frozen SeHun from the doorway before closing the door and walked ahead, “wait hyung! Who was that guy?! Why did he punch you? Is it safe to leave that girl there? Is your lip bleeding? I’m calling Yuki noona! No, I’ll call SuHo hyung! Wait I think Kai is closer!”

“SeHun… calm down. It’s just a cut on the lip, it’ll heal. I just played Cupid for a bit. Don’t tell Yuki about this okay?”

“B-but Luhan hyung!”

“Come on… I’m okay. Let’s get those bubble teas… I’m getting Taro.”

*snort* “You always get Taro, hyung.”

Once the door closed, Suzy yanked her hand away from her neighbor and rubbed the reddish marks, “why the hell did you do that?!”

SungYong dropped himself on the sofa and covered his face with his hands, “I was jealous! When I saw him kissing you, I just lost it!”

“We weren’t kissing, stupid! He was just saying… wait… jealous? y-you?”

The soccer player raked a hand on his hair, frustration evident in his eyes, “Yes! Dammit! I have been patiently waiting while your heart heals like you always say and then I see that pretty looking guy kissing you out of nowhere!”


“I’m in love with you that’s why! Shit! I didn’t want you to confess like this! It should be on the playground where we used to always bicker as kids under the full moon!”

SungYong buried his face in his hands once more and Suzy had a small tint of blush on her cheeks, “you love me? since when?”

His head suddenly snapped up and he found the girl he loves sitting in front of him with an amused smile on her face making him instantly ten shades redder, “I-um…I…”

*clears throat* “I’m… in love you with Seo Young.”

It was Suzy’s turn to redden as his neighbor looked her in the eyes, “I promised myself I’ll come back for you when get older but when I came back you were already with him and I can’t do anything…”

“I’m sorry…”

He wiped the tears in Suzy’s eyes and gave a sincere smile, “hey… no apologies… you didn’t know what I feel and its my fault too. If only I didn’t leave back then maybe you have always been mine.”

“I’m really sorry…”

“Ya….I’m okay. I chose to continue loving you and I’m standing by that decision. I know you still love that other guy and I’m willing to wait until you can open your heart for me. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ve waited this long… I can still wait for you for another ten years.”

“Are you sure? It could be longer…”

Sungyong’s smile widened and he cupped Suzy’s cheek, “yes… I’ve never been sure of anything else in my entire life. I really do love you.”

“I-um… thank you, SungYong.”

“Hey, call me Yong like you always do. Er… it is okay for me to wait for you, right?”

Suzy chuckled and flicked SungYong’s forehead, “Dummy!”

“Yah! Ahjumma that hurt!”

Suzy suddenly stood and kicked SungYong’s leg, “You were just a few minutes ago and now I want to kick you out of Korea! I’m just a few months older than you!”

“Ow! That hurt! I just didn’t want you to be awkward!”

Suzy stuck her tongue out and SungYong smiled, “finally…”

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