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TVXQ Fic - Superstar Chapter 23

Title: Superstar part 23
Genre: romance, drama, failed comedy, yaoi, fluff, smut (future if I can do it)
Pairing: YooSu, YunJae, MinxOC (YunJi)

Summary:  Junsu just came back from Japan to start a new life in Seoul. He had too much memories he would rather leave behind and he knows he can start anew in the land where he was born. Jaejoong is a pâtissier whose goal is to make his pastries known throughout the world. YunJi is someone who is escaping from his real identity.  It is an interesting world for the Kims...

Micky Park is renowned worldwide for his achievements in the music and film industry but he can't seem to find the other half of
his heart...until he met the man named Kim Junsu. YunHo Jung has had his share of relationships with girls in the past but what is  with the heart beat when he met the pâtissier named Kim Jaejoong? He is straight...right?

Changmin Jung was the youngest prodigy in business...together with his older brother, the Jungs were indestructible. But beneath that great businessman front lies a secret... something not even his brother or cousin know...

Chapter 23: What it means to be Ryousuke Ishida

“JiHoon hyung? Anything wrong?”

JiHoon looked at their youngest and smiled, “no... nothing. Why do you ask?”

Changmin smiled at their oldest brother, “You seemed to be thinking hard about something.”

Ruffling his youngest brother’s hair, he said, “it’s nothing... let’s go.”

“Are you sure hyung?”

JiHoon grinned and slid an arm on his brother’s shoulders, “of course. You worry too much.”

The Jung brothers halted in front of the elevator where YunJi/Ryousuke, Jaejoong and Jinki/Onew had been waiting. YunJi/Ryousuke smiled at the brothers making them smile as well, “please accompany my umma to the medical wing of the building. I trust you know where that is JiHoon hyung but just in case...”

YunJi/Ryousuke snapped his finger and a beautiful lady in a purple kimono approached them and bowed politely, a sweet smile on her face,“What can I do for you Ryou-sama?”

“Michiru-san, bring my guests to the medical wing of the building. Daniel sensei is already expecting them.”

The girl bowed politely, a soft blush on her cheeks, “anything for you Ouji-sama...”

Changminentered the elevator first as he glared at the girl who awkwardly smiled while ushering the other guests inside the elevator as the prince and his(amused) knight watched. JiHoon lightly patted the prince’s shoulder and looking over at the pince’s right hand man said, “Shouldn’t I be at the meeting?”

JinKi/Onew smiled, traces of his goofy self appearing momentarily, “its okay hyung... it’s just a short update for the group. You should concentrate on Yoochun hyung”

YunHo smiled as he passed by the young prince and then stood beside his older brother inside the elevator and waving goodbye. Jaejoong kissed the prince lightly on the cheek and ruffled his hair, “I’ll see you later Ji-yah... don’t worry much about your Junsu hyung. Everything’s going to be all right”

“I know. I love you umma.”

“I love you too little one... make me proud.”

When everyone was inside the elevator, a rare gentle smile appeared on Yunji’s face surprising everyone excluding Onew and Jaejoong, “I promise... JaeHoon hyung.”

Jaejoong looked utterly confused at the familiar name while Changmin scrambled to the elevator doors to look at YunJi closer but the door already closed.Onew looked around quickly to make sure that no one was there before he ruffled his bestfriend’s hair, “you said it huh?”

YunJi/Ryousuke grinned,“Yep! I sure did...”

Onew chuckled and lightly patted Ryousuke’s face, “all right. Wipe that stupid grin on your face. We’re nearly late for the meeting.”

“What stupid grin? That was a sincere, happy smile... “

Onew rolled his eyes and the prince chuckled as they boarded the next elevator to go a few levels down to the Dragon Prince’s office. A guard opened the door for the two VIPs and the people waiting inside stood and bowed politely as they came in...

“Thank you for coming. I know it was of short notice and everything has been hectic the past few days...”

Ryousuke/Yunji sat on his executive chair as he motioned for the others to take their own seats. Onew/Jinki stood beside the prince, glasses on his face and a waiting tablet on his hand. Genbu grinned at their young boss, “no worries... I know my priorities.”

The prince smiled at the mischievous twinkle in the older man’s eyes, “don’t tell me you blackmailed the producer again? You won’t get any more projects if you continue to do that.”

HyunJoong didn’t lose his bright smile as he replied back, “no... not blackmail... but I may have left some bullets somewhere. Didn’t kill anyone though cause you told us not to. That producer guy is a loser anyway... I’m doing the society some good.”

Joongki chuckled and Ah In shook his head, “I wonder why people call me the ruthless one when you are clearly worse HyunJoong...”

“I’m just your everyday ordinary mafia general... “*grin*

Heechul cleared his throat and the other generals immediately quieted making the prince smile wider, “yes my beautiful general? Is anything the matter?”

“We should go ahead and start with the discussion, Geng and I have a flight to catch in two hours.”

“Oh right...please begin.”

Heechul began to speak, “My team finally managed to send out the information we have been waiting for... Sungmin sent me an email yesterday with the exact address and a sketched map of their hideouts in Japan. Kyuhyun on the other hand was finally able to break into the security system of their database so he was able to send out the list of members in their organization. Geng already uploaded all the gathered information on Ryou’s information bank and also sent copies over corporate email.”

“Good work my Suzaku...” The prince then turned to the East and West generals, “how about you guys?”

Joongki grinned at Ah In who blushed and gave an exasperated sigh before speaking, “I’ll report for the both of us Ryou... I’ve already received and consolidated the reports sent by your brothers and the ones sent by Max. I’ll include the ones Hankyung hyung just sent before presenting it to you. During the interrogation of the spies we captured, we learned of the existence of a certain person named Hydro. Apparently, he is the hidden informant of Tsuchiura but we haven’t figured out who he is yet or how he was able to get the information about us.”

Genbu placed a hand under his chin in thought, “Hydro... hydro... I think I may have heard that before from someone. Can I help look for that guy? I think I’ll have some time off this weekend so I can visit my sources. It would help if Prince and Joongki could come with me like before. My sources cooperate better.”

Ah In glared at the innocently smiling HyunJoong,”and how reliable are those sources?”

“Very reliable if I may say so myself...”

Joongki lightly rubbed the glaring Ah In’s back and smiled, “Thanks for the offer HyunJoongie but I value my life. Oh and I would just like to add that the Arachnid group has been abolished and most of their men are now working under me. The Shin Ran leader hasn’t been captured yet but he will be in my hands by the end of this week, I give you my word.With that our report is done... go ahead Genbu...”

HyunJoong’s handsome face turned serious as he wore his eyeglasses and opened the laptop he had in front, “I have the reports regarding the businesses we have... both the legal ones and the underground one. We have a recently opened hotel in Dubai, Lord Renji and JiHoon hyung was there to observe. The construction for the hotels in Las Vegas and London are almost finished, permits are already secured. The underground businesses are all doing well too, we have expanded in different countries as well and we secured a much stable post on the black market.”

Ryou grinned and gave a thumb up at his general, “that’s good! Renji-touchan had been all praises about the presentation you gave him.”

Genbu bowed a satisfied smile on his face, “I hope I made you proud Prince... “

*grin* “You always do hyung...oh... about your sources...”

“Yes heika?”

Onew narrowed his eyes and lightly glared at his charge who was grinning from ear to ear, “I...can only go if Onew-kun will.”

Onew facepalmed and sighed deeply, “don’t even try asking me hyung. I won’t go. Last time those sources of yours eventually became Ryou’s annoying stalkers and I had to personally do something. ”

Ah In looked back and forth between the pissed Onew and the innocently smiling HyunJoong, “w-was that last year when we had to burn...the bod-”

Ryousuke grinned, stopping his general from what he wanted to say, “maybe... maybe not. But it was a long time ago and I don’t think we need a reminder of how my Knight works... next on the report Genbu?”

HyunJoong grinned back and turned his laptop around, “on to other pressing matters... my men was able to get a picture of two of Tsuchiura’s right hand people... the soft looking bishounen is Ichiro Masamune also known as Chiro, he is Black Rose’s current prized possession.”

Heechul raised an eyebrow, “Xiah’s replacement?”

“Of some sort yes... according to my sources, he is the most favoured one amongst all of Tsuchiura’s pets. But she said it was probably because he rakes in a lot of money. The female on the bishie’s side is the one they call Akemi. Real name is Park YeonHee... she used to be an idol from the group Cutiehearts back when she was 14 and suddenly disappeared after a large scandal broke out. Based on the research done by Yeongsaeng, those two are the most loyal amongst all of Tsuchiura’s henchmen.”

Ryousuke/YunJi smirked and interlaced his hands in front of him before speaking, “as expected of my men.. Great work everyone.  Byakko, go over the list and get information on everyone there. Ask for Taiyou’s help with the Japanese Mafia members, they have more information on that.Let’s see if we can find that Hydro guy. Genbu, I trust you to do your own research regarding the identity of Hydro... you can do what you want as long as you don’t go over board. Let’s get that squealing mole out of his hideout and deal with him accordingly.”

“Got it, Ryou...”
“As you wish Wangja”

The prince then turned to the rest of his generals, “Suzaku, Hankyung hyung... you two are assigned to scope out the areas close to the headquarters of Black Rose. Check the security level for each site in Japan and then send the information to us at the soonest possible time. Seiryuu, you will be working with me and Onew regarding scoping the Korean bases of Black Rose and all associated mini groups they have acquired. You are also expected to help Byakko with information extraction when necessary. Is that understood?”

“Whatever you say, Ryou-chan. This would require a lot more than what you normally get me.”
“You can count on me, Ryou-nim ”

“I understand Heechul hyung, don’t worry. I got you covered. By the way, there’s another reason why I called every one here. I’ve already told Jaejoong hyung my identity as Ryousuke Ishida...but don’t worry, he looks fine with it. Excited even...”

HyunJoong laughs loudly making Heechul smack him lightly on the back, “this is not a laughing matter, you turtle!”

“Ow...not my back, hyung... I do expect that kind of reaction from Joongie though so I’m not surprised.”

The prince smiled a little and after a fat pause continued, “well that’s that. also...Xiah has already discovered Suzaku and Hankyung’s relation to Ishida.”

“What but how? Heechul hyung?”

Heechul and Hankyung looked at each other and was about to speak when the prince raised a hand to silence them, “It was an accident Joongki hyung. But then this will happen one day anyway so there’s no need to worry.”

Ah In sighed and closed his laptop before turning to the prince in all seriousness, “but are you all right? You wanted to hide this from your brother didn’t you?”

A sad smile found its way on Ryou’s lips as his men watched him with similar expressions, “thank you for worrying about me. You all do remember that I’m the feared Dragon Prince of the Ishida clan. This much is nothing…seriously guys don’t look at me like that or I’ll have to remind you all that I’m not weak.”

“So... what are you planning to do Ryou-kun?”

“Just like what I did with Jaejoong hyung I’m going to reveal myself to Junsu hyung... but I don’t plan to reveal all of your identities. He may hate me after knowing who I really am but it will not be good if he will not trust all of you too. I will not leave him unprotected for all its worth. Same with JaeHoon hyung... right now he is at his most vulnerable state since he knows a bit about us but all the same, he is to be protected. That is all; you are all dismissed unless you have any questions for me.”

The men bowed and HyunJoong walked out first followed by Ah In who was punching his back then Joongki who was watching them with silent amusement...

Ryousuke/YunJi was silently gazing at the window when he felt a soft tap on his back... “Oh.... Chullie hyung... what is it?”

“I’m sorry!”

Hankyung and Onew’s jaw dropped at the sight of the proud Kim Heechul doing a deep formal bow to the prince who was still smiling kindly...

“For what hyung?”

Heechul wiped his eyes clumsily and Hankyung immediately woke out of his daze to hand his lover his handkerchief...”for ruining everything... I should have been more careful... this was my entire fault.”

Ryousuke/YunJi stood and patted the older man’s head, “it wasn’t your fault so don’t think that way. I’m not blaming you. We both knew this would come one day. I can’t keep hiding who I am. Come on Suzaku... raise your head...”

Heechul did as he was told and Ryousuke smiled gently, “my precious Suzaku...you believe in what I say, right?”

Suzaku nodded and the prince’s smile grew wider, “then... everything is going to be all right. Go on and get your things... your plane leaves in an hour. Hankyung hyung, I know I don’t have to tell you but for my peace of mind... please take care of my Phoenix for me.”

“You know my answer to that, Heika....”

As soon as the couple left, the prince sank back into his chair and sighed, “Onew-kun... please arrange a meeting between Xiah and me. Send a message using my usual signature.”

“Are you sure about this Ji?”

Ryousuke turned a sad smile at his bestfriend, “the only way to move is to go forward...I’ve had my share of running away.”

The prince stared back blankly at the window as Onew politely bowed and left, “...”


“Yah Changmin! That’s my snack!”

Changmin raised his arm so his older cousin couldn’t reach. YunHo sighed and grabbed the snack from his brother’s hand and gave it to Yoochun who stuck his tongue out.

“Stop behaving like kids... Chun, that’s the last you are allowed to eat. Min, don’t tease him too much. He’s still older than you. JiHoon hyung! Scold them!”

*chuckle* “listen to YunHo kids... and behave yourselves... we don’t want to disturb the other people in this floor.”

Jaejoong smiled at the scene and lightly elbowed Junsu who was staring outside, “YunHo is so adorable isn’t he?”

“I’m really glad I came here...”

*eyes narrow* “Junsu your butt is large...”


Jaejoong turned a bit so he was now facing Junsu who was absentmindedly staring at the cousins, “Su...you weren’t listening to me were you?”

Junsu blinked rapidly and gave a sheepish smile as he scratched his head, “I’m sorry hyung.... I’m just...”

The oldest Kim smiled comfortingly and patted Junsu’s head, “its okay... I’m sure seeing Yoochun shot while you were watching must have been a great deal of trauma. But he’s okay now... so you should be feeling relieved... or is it something else?”

The younger Kim was silent for a minute and sighed before he asked, “hyung... what if... I’m not who you think I am?”

Jaejoong chuckled and Junsu pouted, “hyung... I’m serious!”

“Ah yes I know... I was taking you seriously. Its just that Yunyun and you are both silly kids. No matter who you are, I will still love you. That will never change whatever secret you may be holding.”

Junsu raised an eyebrow, “me and Ji? I don’t see the connection...wait a minute... he has a secret? He told you but he didn’t tell me??”

The oldest Kim patted the openly disappointed Junsu’s head and smiled warmly, “he was reluctant to tell me if that makes you feel any better. I’m sure he’ll tell you too one day. You do know the feeling of having to hide something right?”

Junsu looked down and sighed heavily, “I guess you’re right hyung... I don’t have the right to say anything when I have my own hidden secrets. Um... are you sure you won’t hate or looked down on me if you knew who I am?”

Jaejoong glared and hit the younger Kim a little hard making even the cousins on the other side of the room look, “ow! Hyung that hurt!”

“Reflect on what you just said Kim Junsu and you’ll know why I hit you. Do you think of me that low to judge someone I treat like my own brother?”

At the mention of brothers, Junsu’s eyes teared a little... “I’m sorry hyung...”

“As long as you are sorry... then its okay...”

Yoochun and YunHo looked at each other and smiled at the exchange between Jaejoong and Junsu when the nurse knocked and asked permission to enter. Seeing the oldest Jung, the nurse bowed low upon entering...

“Greetings Rain-sama, sirs... a letter has come from the prince for someone named Kim Junsu.”

Junsu’s eyes widened and he slowly rose from the seat, “I-I’m Kim Junsu...”

A black card with a golden dragon at the back was handed to Junsu with a single white rose. Changmin and JiHoon’s eyes met and the older Jung nodded, slight concern mirrored in his eyes...

The nurse bowed and left after handing the letter to Junsu who immediately read the card. Yoochun’s brows furrowed as he noted the play of emotions on his lover’s face, “Su... who was the prince mentioned by the nurse, is he the owner of this place?”

Junsu smiled and made his way to Yoochun’s bedside, “yeah, his name is Ryousuke Ishida... I owe him a lot and I finally have the chance to thank him.”

Yoochun’s brows were still furrowed as he scanned the card Junsu handed him, “who is this Ryousuke Ishida guy anyway? The only Ishida I know is Uncle Renji.”

JiHoon chuckled and leaned back on the monobloc he was sitting on, “I forgot that you know Uncle Ren because he is close friends with your dad.”

“Yup! Appa said they are non blood related brothers”

The oldest Jung nodded and ruffled Yoochun’s hair, “yeah... I think they were around the same age... he is friends with umma too.”

YunHo abruptly turned to his older brother who smiled, “see? Not all mafia guys are bad.”

“JiHoon hyung is right YunHo hyung... I don’t know about other people connected to the mafia but Uncle Renji is really nice and really cool! Oh wait a minute... then who is prince? His child? But I thought Uncle was unmarried?”

Changmin opened the box of chips on the drawer and smiled, “Ryou’s adopted... and so is his older brothers, its no secret.”

YunHo sighed, “fine... I get it already... the Ishidas are different. Junsu, you’ll be meeting with the prince you say?”

Junsu nodded, “yes YunHo hyung...he has helped me when I was in a pinch in Tokyo and he saved us again.”

“Ah then please tell him I am thankful because he saved Yoochun...”

“I will... so um... the letter said I was to go to his office so I’ll be off. I’ll see you all later.”

Jaejoong and Yoochun both offered to come with Junsu but he declined with a soft smile, “No thank you. I’ll be fine.”

Changmin looked at his oldest brother who had the same worried look on his face, “Junsu-ssi...”

“Yes JiHoon-ssi?”

A brotherly smile on the oldest Jung’s face, he continued... “Ryou is a very good person with a golden heart... he may have done things... but he has good intentions...”

“I know JiHoon ssi. I am in no position to judge him.” Junsu smiled and left with determination shown in his face. As soon as he was out of Yoochun’s room, he was approached by his bodyguard Sawada who bowed, “master Junsu...”

“Sawada-san... your arm...”

Sawada scratched his head and smiled sheepishly, “oh this... I didn’t get this from rescuing you so don’t worry about it. Anyway, I am tasked to bring you to the prince. This way please!”

Junsu’s face clouded and that expression maintained until the silent elevator ride ended on the topmost floor. Sawada ushered Junsu towards a room with large oak doors and knocked twice, “Heika... I’ve brought Junsu-sama....”

A deep voice answered from within the room and Junsu flinched, “come in.”

The door was opened by a man in black suit and Sawada bowed politely, “Heika....”

“Thank you Sawada. You may leave.”

Junsu fidgeted as he stood in front of a large office table, “u-um... P-prince... I uh...”

A laugh came from the turned executive chair and Junsu fidgeted some more, “who are you talking to? My chair or my table?”

“I-I’m sorry... I uh... um...”

The silver bracelet on the exposed slim hand moved as the prince waved, “Akazuki-san, Tanaka-san. Please leave, I’ll summon once the talk is over.”

The men in black suits bowed and left without another word as Junsu watched worriedly. Another low chuckle came from behind the executive chair, “are you worried I’ll do something to you?”

“No! I mean... if you wanted to hurt me you would have already done so... and... and... Oh I’m sorry I’m ranting in Korean...

“It’s okay Junsu hyung... you always rant when you are flustered.”

Junsu chuckled as he scratched his head, “yeah I seem to do that don’t I? Wait what?? You speak Korean?”

“I already did... didn’t I?”

The older Kim relaxed as he chuckled, “yeah you did... thank you Prince Ryou... you saved me again.”

“It’s my duty and my pleasure to save you...”

Junsu blushed profusely and he looked away making Ryou chuckle again, “did I make your heart race? Sorry... force of bad habit. Anyway, we’ve known each other for a while. Haven’t you ever wondered what I looked like?”

The older man knew that the prince would see through him if he lied and he smiled, “I did... more than once but I understand your decision to not show yourself to me.”

Ryousuke smiled softly, “Kim Junsu... do you trust me?”

“With my life, prince Ryou.”

“Well then...can you promise me that you won’t run away after seeing my face?”
“I... well yes... wait... do you look scary?”

*grin* “well a lot of people say I do. Are you scared to see me now, Junsu hyung?”

“No! I’ll never be scared of you cause uh... you saved my life and uh...somehow in my heart...I feel like you will never ever hurt me...”

Ryousuke’s lips trembled and he fought to keep himself looking calm as he slowly moved to turn his chair around...

“Hello hyung...”

Junsu froze and Ryousuke watched him with bated breath... the older Kim suddenly shook his head violently and dramatically threw himself on the chair just behind the shocked prince....

“J—Junsu hyung... are you all right?”


Ryousuke raked a hand on his hair and sighed as he walked closer, “hyung... you don’t recognize me do you? Its me YunJi... just a little modified hereand there but I'm still me.”



Junsu exhaled loudly and stood with his back to the waiting prince...

*pak* *pak*

“Owwwww!!! Junsu hyung what was that for?!”


Ryousuke scratched his head as he awkwardly laughed, “yeah well sorry to disappoint you.”


“B-but hyung... I had no choice...”


The novelist proceeds to hit the unmoving Ryousukewith a Self made paper fan and a laugh came from behind the curtains, “you sure have a very interesting family Ryou...”

Ryou rolled his eyes and glared at his bestfriend, "shut up Onew..."

Junsu turned surprised as Onew came out, “seems we underestimated you Junsu hyung... your reaction is way better than Jaejoong hyung’s”

“Y-you're Jinki right?”

*bow* “Yessir! The one and the only.”

Ryousuke rolled his eyes as Junsu looked at Onew from head to foot, “have you been hiding there the entire time? I didn’t even notice you! How'd you..."

Rubbing his head, Ryousuke slowly made his way towards his chair as Onew smiled, “please have a seat Junsu hyung...”

Junsu sat and sighed, “You did not answer my question but I’ll let you off for now Jinki. Now Yun... er...Ryou... you owe me some explanation!”

Ryousuke pouted as he took the crumpled papers from Junsu’s hand, “you have always been so violent Junsu hyung... these papers are actually important, you know. Onew, print another batch of the contract for the hotel in Berlin. I haven’t finished reading them yet.”

“Got it Ryou. I’ll be right back. Junsu hyung I’ll see you later.”

The door closed with a click and the two were left in awkward silence... Ryousuke leaned back on his chair and sighed, “Where do you want me to start?”

“From the beginning...prince Ryousuke.”

Ryousuke sighed, “Please call me YunJi... its still me, you know.”

“I... I can’t. Y-you’re the head of a mafia... and I... ”

Junsu looked down, biting his lip and a pained expression crossed Ryousuke’s face but it passed quickly as he smiled, “I understand. Just Ryou then if you would please... I’ve had enough people calling me prince in this place.”


“Would you accept it if I said that I...just wanted to save you?”

A sarcastic smile appeared on Junsu's face as he shook his head, "a prince rescuing a poor guy being abused...like that would really happen..."

The young mafia leader leaned closer and smiled charmingly at the older man, “well...you are here with me... are you not?”

Junsu glared as hard as he can despite his reddened cheeks, “stop acting cute you... you person!”

At that Ryousuke chuckled,” you do know that wasn’t actually an insult... yes?”

“Tch.... shut up...”

“Actually... that is the best compliment I got for years...thank you.”

“W-what? Why are you thanking me?”

Ryousuke shook his head and smiled, “don’t bother about small stuff, hyung...”

A knock disturbed their discussions and Onew poked his head in, “Ryou... the guests are here. Junsu hyung, sorry but Ryou really needs to meet with them. I will take you back to Yoochun hyung.”

“B-but you haven’t told me why you rescued me and how you knew about me before... and why you are keeping an eye on me.”

“How about we talk this over dinner? My treat. I’ll explain everything then.”


Ryousuke felt guilty at his brother’s depressed face and was about to say something when Junsu released an exaggerated sigh and smiled brightly, “I got it. Better not cancel on me Ryousuke Ishida or I’ll do something you won’t like.”

The prince chuckle, “I swear on Jinnie’s chicken collection, hyung.”

Junsu walked ahead and the prince mouthed, “Thanks I owe you”, to Onew who gave a salute and a smile.

”Now I’m convinced... you must be witches or at least someone with magic... its not easy to enchant people with a mere smile but you three brothers can do it even without knowing how.”

Ryousuke raked a hand on his hair and looked away, “what are you doing here, Jung Changmin?”

“Is that how you treat your guests, Ryou?”
“Just the annoying ones... are you supposed to be the guest I absolutely should meet?”

Changmin grinned and closed the door to Ryousuke’s office before settling down on the leather couch, “Yup! I’m here in case you might need some comforting...”

“I don’t... but...”

The youngest Jung froze when YunJi/Ryousuke plopped on the couch using his lap as pillow, “...R-Ryou?”

“Ask me later... just... let me rest for a bit.”

Changmin slowly placed his hand on the younger man’s head and carefully stroke Ryousuke’s hair, “take your time...”

Ryousuke closed his eyes and breathed deeply, “not a word about this to anyone...even Onew... okay?”

“I promise.”

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