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TVXQ Fic: Last Flight Chapter 12

Title: Last Flight
Genre: drama, romance, shounen-ai, fantasy
Pairings: YunJae (main), YooSu, MinJi, Hanchul, OnKey, KyuMin, HaeHyuk, SiBum, 2MIN

A year ago... his life changed when he fell in love with an angel. Jung YunHo had started picking up the pieces of his life after the angel's sudden appearance and disappearance with the help of Yoochun and  Changmin...

All of a sudden, his life turns around again... this time, YunHo has to decide... to forget or to keep holding on.

A/N: I'm sorry for the wait ^^ Anyway, those who couldn't follow what happened, read "White Feather" first

Chapter 12: Birth of a new couple?

The party has ended when a tired Park Jungsu returned... his husband waiting patiently with an extremely worried Ryeowook.

“Umma! Did you see them? How are they?”

Jungsu smiled tiredly as he collapsed on the sofa, “they were no longer there when we arrived…the wingless lingered however so we had to get them purified.”

Yongwoon lovingly stroked his husband’s head and Jungsu sighed at the soft ministrations, “how many were they to make you this exhausted?”

“About a thousand I think… Brian hyung came with some of his underlings came though so we were able to suppress them.”

Ryeowook sat on the sofa’s arm rest and lightly touched his umma’s hand, “I’m sorry umma… if only I was strong enough to fight, and I could help

Jungsu smiled, “its okay Wookie… you are still young so you should leave the responsibilities of protecting to the adults. One day your time to protect will come… and when that time comes… you should give your best.”

The younger angel nodded still with the sad expression on his face, “I’m sorry…we shouldn’t have flown down… we only added to your problems.”

“Hey… we talked about this didn’t we? It was me who didn’t tell all of you where I was going so naturally I made everyone worry.”

Yongwoon patted the younger boy’s head and smiled, “you two stop this sad discussion. We just had a happy party and I would thank you two if you don’t start making things gloomy.”

Jungsu’s lips slowly lifted to a smile as he felt a loving kiss on his forehead, “of course love… happy anniversary…”

“Happy anniversary Kim Jungsu… and happy birthday to you Kim Ryeowook.”

Ryeowook wiped the stray tear from his eyes and smiled, “thank you appa…”

“Ah…before I forget love, get ready to possibly have five more children. We were able to get traces of four angels during the clean up earlier… and a faint trace of Jaejoong too.”

Yongwoon sighed, “aish…more brats…”

Jungsu chuckled and patted his husband’s cheek, “you’ll love them like you do Wookie. I promise.”

The taller man smiled as he hugged his family in his arms, “looks like we might need a bigger house... should we start scouting?”

In the kitchens, YunJi was moving the remnants of his mushroom macaroni soup on a large bowl while Key peels the potatoes they would need for their dinner...

“Changmin hyung?”

Changmin, who was sitting across the two looked at the younger male with a raised eyebrow, “Yes Key?”

Key placed the potatoes he had peeled on the nearby bowl and wiped his hands clean, “don’t you have anything else to do other than stare at YunJi hyung?”

“He’s not staring at me Key... he’s watching us to make sure his beloved food is okay. Those are two different things.”

Changmin sighed deeply, “Despite being my bestfriend... your opinion of me is pretty low.”

Hearing the hurt in Changmin’s tone, YunJi forced a smile on his face and decided to end the silent war he started, “I just know you well...”

“You’re speaking to me again?”

“I just did, you dweeb... here, finish these off. I need the bowl for the salad.”

Changmin’s eyes sparkled as soon as the macaroni mushroom soup was placed in front of him, “wow! You’re the best, best friend ever!”

YunJi’s hands that were readying the meat froze for a bit and he replied with a sad smile on his face, I know.”

Key noted the changes in the YunJi’s face and was about to ask when the chef shook his head and handed the unpeeled vegetables to the younger man,
“please wash all of these... I’ll need them for the next few dishes. “

Key bit his lip and nodded meekly as he went over to do as he was tasked to.

“Changmin, can you finish those at the dining table?”

“Why? I’ve always watched you cook haven’t I?”

YunJi didn’t look up as he continued readying the meat, “that was before Min... you should not be in here anyway. Now go outside. Just shout when you are done and I’ll get the bowl.”

“Don’t wanna... I’m gonna sit here and watch.”

*exasperated sigh* “Changmin Shim, if you want to watch us here then you have to help cook.”

Changmin took a few spoonfuls of his food and grinned, “I could but are you sure you want me to help Ji? Remember home economics classes?”

*smirk* “I do. That just means you can’t stay in the kitchens anymore right? I’ve decided! The only person who can watch me cook without doing anything would be my lover.”

The model took a few more spoonfuls of the macaroni soup before speaking again, “well then... make me your lover. That way I can stay here and watch you cook like I’ve been doing since before. ”

The chef’s hand stopped in mid-air at the model’s words... Key turned around and gaped at Changmin who continued eating like he didn’t say anything weird.

After a few minutes of silence, YunJi suddenly launched into uncontrollable laughter surprising both Key and Changmin... “That’s the best joke you’ve made so far Min! Oh boy! I almost fell for it! Seriously though, next time you are about to crack a joke like that... you should at least give a hint! I could
have believed that!”

Changmin finished the last of his macaroni soup and stood to give the bowl to Key who accepted it with a formal look on his face, “Changmin hyung... that wasn’t a good joke.”

“I wasn’t joking.”

“Eh? You weren’t? But YunJi hyung said...”

Changmin didn’t answer and walked behind YunJi who was still blabbing about weird jokes while getting a jumbo roasted chicken out of the oven. He clapped a hand on YunJi’s shoulder to turn him slightly around and firmly pressed his lips over the surprised chef’s half open ones.


The kiss was quick then a slow teasing smile was on the model’s face as he spoke, “that was punishment for laughing too hard. I wasn’t joking you know. Okay, I’ll give you time to think about it Ji but please don’t take too long. I’ll be with Kyuhyun and HyukJae hyung, call me if I’m needed.”

He gave another light kiss on the still frozen YunJi’s lips and patted Key’s shoulder before walking out of the kitchen just as Yoochun and Taemin came in, “where’s Changmin going? Uh, is YunJi okay?”


Key’s squeal woke YunJi up from being frozen and his whole face started going red, “...”

Yoochun smirked and Taemin looked confused, “oh he did? Too bad I didn’t see it. How was it?”

“Hyung was sooo cool! He was all like, ‘then make me your lover’ then kissed Yunji hyung! Kyaaaa!!!!”

YunJi turned redder and he fanned himself using the paper plate that was on the table, “Key stop squealing please, my ears are starting to hurt besides
he might not be serious at all. Who knows?”

Yoochun chuckled, “well... you know him as much as we do. You tell me what you think.”

Taemin smiled as he lightly poked YunJi’s red cheek, “oooh... YunJi hyung looks like a tomato...”

“S-stop teasing me! F-forget what you saw earlier... l-let’s finish cooking!”

*ding* *dong* *ding* *dong*

YunJi placed the cooked chicken back to the oven and closed the door with a loud thud. Soon, all four people in the kitchen ran outside of the room. Jinki and the rest ran out of their respective rooms and they all met in the living room.

Taemin worriedly looked at his older brother and whispered, “hyung... are you expecting someone?”

Onew shook his head no and his small eyes narrowed, “take the angels to the master’s bedroom upstairs. Make sure the doors, windows and curtains are
tightly shut. Changmin hyung, YunJi hyung... honey... you three stay here with me, the rest would serve as guards to the angels. Go!”

The angels and their partners rushed upstairs, Jinki watched as they disappeared into the master’s bedroom while Key asked as cheerful as he can, “who is it?”

Hero’s cheerful voice rang from the opposite side of the door, “Key! Its me! I’ve come with Yunnie!”

Key immediately opened the door and hugged the surprised model, “Hero hyung!”

The model hugged back, “I’ve heard that you were staying here so we figured we should drop by. YunHo also brought clothes for Yoochun-ssi and Changmin-ssi”

Changmin ushered his cousin inside the room and quickly locked the door, “hyung... you should have called that you were coming.”

YunHo’s brows furrowed, “did anything happen?”

Jinki sighed, “Yes… no… honestly we have no idea. We better ask the others to come down. They can explain better. Please take your seats.”

Hero smiled and took his seat on the couch with his back against the stairs with YunHo following suit. Changmin took the seat across his cousin and started to give a little bit information of what happened before they rushed to the Lee house.

“I’ll go and call them. I need to go back to the kitchen anyway.”

Changmin held on to YunJi’s hand and smiled, “do you want me to give you?”

YunJi blushed and shook his head furiously, “er.. erm… no.. I uh… Key will come with me! Right?”

Key chuckled and gave a chaste kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek, “of course… we’ll just finish the dishes honey.”

Jinki nodded and smiled his thanks as he took his own seat across Hero, “how are you feeling Hero hyung? Key said you were having your headache attacks.”

Hero smiled brightly and took YunHo’s hand, “I’m all better now! Yunnie has super healing powers! So I feel way way better.”

Changmin smirked, “oh hyung does? First time I’ve heard of it. What kind of treatment did he do?”

YunHo threw a throw pillow at his younger cousin and sighed,” seriously… that brain of yours needs some cleaning. I didn’t do anything relative to what you are thinking right now. ”

“YunHo hyung!”

YunHo turned to smile at his cousin but stopped at the figures following behind his cousin, “y-you...”

Hero turned to the man beside him at saw the shocked expression on his face, “Yunnie? What’s the matter?”

“You- you guys are...”

Jinki stood and smiled, “I see... you can see them as well.”

Yoochun stopped in front of the photographer and smiled, “hyung... you know my boyfriend, Junsu. This is Sungmin, Donghae, and MinHo. Guys, this is my older cousin YunHo.”

Donghae and Sungmin waved hello, MinHo smiled and Junsu walked forward to give the older man a hug, “nice to see you again hyung! Well um... I look a little weird but well... I’m still me.”

Hero slowly stood and turned around, shocked tears on his face, “X-Xiah... I’ve finally found you.”

“J-Jaejoong hyung....?”

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