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TVXQ Fic - Superstar Chapter 24

Title: Superstar part 24
Genre: romance, drama, failed comedy, yaoi, fluff, smut (future if I can do it)
Pairing: YooSu, YunJae, MinxOC (YunJi)

Summary:  Junsu just came back from Japan to start a new life in Seoul. He had too much memories he would rather leave behind and he knows he can start anew in the land where he was born. Jaejoong is a pâtissier whose goal is to make his pastries known throughout the world. YunJi is someone who is escaping from his real identity.  It is an interesting world for the Kims...

Micky Park is renowned worldwide for his achievements in the music and film industry but he can't seem to find the other half of
his heart...until he met the man named Kim Junsu. YunHo Jung has had his share of relationships with girls in the past but what is  with the heart beat when he met the pâtissier named Kim Jaejoong? He is straight...right?

Changmin Jung was the youngest prodigy in business...together with his older brother, the Jungs were indestructible. But beneath that great businessman front lies a secret... something not even his brother or cousin know...

Chapter 24: The strength of Changmin's love and the slowly brewing storm

Changmin carefully stroke his beloved’s hair with a soft smile on his face, never in his wildest dreams would he even think that a moment like such would happen.

“Ah... so he fell asleep?”

The youngest Jung jumped a little as Jinki/Onew’s face suddenly appeared before him, “haha... did I surprise you?”

“Yeah... good thing Ryou didn’t slide off my leg or I’m toast!”

Onew/Jinki nodded his agreement and chuckled, “You do know him well... reminds me... we haven’t had a man to man talk yet...”

Changmin had a sudden feeling of dread as the Knight took one of the guest chairs and positioned it in front of the sofa before sitting, a wicked smile on his face...

“So... when did you fall in love with my Ryou?”

“Ah...er... well...”

Jinki/Onew was clearly enjoying the play of emotions on the older man’s face as he prodded a little more,”Go on... I won’t tell a soul if you don’t want me to. Besides, don’t you think you owe me this at least? I did give you my blessings and being the closest to my Ryou... that gives you an advantage.”

*sigh* “You know... times like this I remember that you aren’t as clueless as you appear, Onew-san.”

The knight laughed good humoredly as he crossed his legs, “looks can be deceiving... so... you were saying?”

“I first saw him during a party when I was ten...my whole family as well as Yoochun hyung’s family was invited. He looked like a fallen angel with his all black ensemble as he held uncle Renji’s hand. At that time, I was just wondering why his face had a blank expression like he wished to be anywhere but there and I started following his every movement since they came down.”

“…was that when the Hayami-sama, Kazuya-sama and Ryou were formally introduced as the master’s children and heirs?”

“Yes that was it. Were you there too?”

The knight nodded with a smile on his face, “of course. Jin-niichan, Jun-san and I were tasked to stay beside our prince since we were stated. Wow, ten years…”

Changmin chuckled as he lightly caressed Ryou’s cheek, “Yeah… he is my treasured first love.  You know, I almost gave him up because I can only gaze at him from afar and we never had the chance to acquaint ourselves better. Well, that is until Hoonie hyung said Ryou needed my help…“

“…and this was during Xiah hyung’s rescue?”

“Yeah...I was with him during every meeting, every stage of the planning. I didn’t know why I was doing it but I was happy to be with him through the completion of that task.”

Onew had a hand under his chin as he seemingly gauged the older man’s expression, “So, you saw how he fought and you still like him?”

Changmin removed a stray hair from Ryousuke’s face as he replied, “I admit that I got a little scared seeing him with bloodlust visible in his face but I have accepted that as a part of him. The soft smiles, teasing grins and the gentle manner he give out as Yunji to the fierce leader, awesome fighter he shows everyone as Ryousuke.  I love them all.”

Onew smiled sincerely as he noticed the slight tinge of pink on the still pretending to sleep prince on Changmin’s lap, “that’s a rather big statement but as this guy’s bestfriend, I’m actually happy to hear it. Well then… I’ll arrange the dinner Ryou promised Junsu hyung. Can you wake him up for me? I’m sure he asked you to not tell anyone about this. He just hates thinking people saw his weak side but that makes him cute too.”

“Will do. Thanks Knight…”

“Jinki… call me Jinki when our men aren’t around. You and I are pals who take care of my adorable Ryousuke so I allow you to use mybirth name.”

Jinki stood and stretched a bit before returning the chair he used and walked out the door. Changmin breathed a sigh of relief and continued petting Ryousuke/YunJi’s hair, “wow… that sure felt like I was talking with my future in laws… really is hard to mention one’s real feelings…ah time to wake up my princess… er… prince.”

Changmin lightly patted Ryousuke/Yunji’s cheek, “time to wake up…wake up love…”

Ryousuke/YunJi snuggled a little bit closer and Changmin sighed, “as much as you look adorable as you snuggle closer to me… if you do that while looking as cute as you do now… something else might wake up.”

The Dragon Prince bolted upward as he felt something hard press against his face close to where he was lying at and glared at Changmin with his face bright red, “Baka Hentai! How dare that thing of yours get close to my face you! You~! AAAAARGH!”

Changmin scratched his cheek lightly and crossed his legs, “ahahaha... er... sorry. I can’t help it though. You look so defenceless while you were sleeping then you snuggled on it a bit earlier so... uh...”

YunJi/Ryousuke’s face turned redder and he clenched his fists as he looked down, “s-snuggled? You...insolent... stupid... pervert... idiotic...”

“Calm down Ryou... it only became like this unconsciously because I was holding you. If it was someone else, it wouldn’t get that excited so uh. Sorry... I mean... I’m not sorry cause I really feel this about you but I should have not shown you this way... er.”

“You talk big about love and waiting and yet you can’t control that thing of yours... pervert.” *clenches fist*

“E-eh? You heard me and the knight?” *blush*

*glare* “Say your last prayers... Changmin Jung.”

Ryousuke/YunJi smirked as he cracked his knuckles as he dangerously moved closer to Changmin who gulped nervously when the door suddenly opened... “ack!”

“Oops... I think I hit something. Or maybe not... are you sure Changmin’s here with him? Looks deserted to me...”

Because of the impact of the door hit, YunJi ended up thrown at Changmin who caught him in time. Now, YunJi had his arms around the taller boy’s neck and for the people who came in... It looked like the two were making out on the leather couch...

“...” *snort, ineffectively hiding laugh*

“Kim ...YunJi! You two separate right this instant!!”

“YunJi and Changmin are...?”

The two froze as YunJi felt himself suddenly peeled off, “Kim YunJi! I expect a very good reason why you are straddling YunHo’s brother in your office. You never even told us you were dating!

“U-umma...we weren’t...” *gulp*

Jaejoong sighed at the frightened look of the youngest’s face, “I got carried away, sorry Yunyun. Don’t look so scared...”

Secretly checking if the door was closed, YunJi threw himself over his hyung and clung close, “umma!!”

Jaejoong chuckled at the familiar weight on him and hugged him back, “aigoo... my cute little Yunyun... now dear, why were you making out with Changmin? Tell umma...”

*pout* “I wasn’t! We were talking and then the door opened and hit me hard at the back!”

Junsu laughed awkwardly and scratched his head, “oh haha... that was me. Sorry Ji...”

Ryousuke/YunJi stilled in Jaejoong’s arms and Onew/Jinki clenched his fists...Jaejoong heard soft sobs and lightly rubbed the younger one’s back, “why are you crying?”

“B-because... Junsu hyung called me YunJi again...” *sniff*

He hid his face closer to Jaejoong’s neck and Junsu smiled lightly as he moved closer to the two, “ya... I’m getting jealous...”

“No need to... come here.” Jaejoong opened his arms wider and Junsu joined the hug... Onew released a relieved sigh and Changmin stood from the couch, a sincere smile on his face at the heartwarming scene.

The youngest Jung signalled to the Blood knight that he has to go so the Kims can have their moment, Onew nodded and smiled. Changmin was almost out of the door whe he clearly heard Jaejoong say, “I hold you responsible for my baby, Changmin Jung. We’ll talk some other time.”

*salute* “Anytime Jaejoong hyung. I’ll marry him as soon as you give your permission.”

“Shuddup! Who’s gonna marry you?!?”

A pocketknife followed the Dragon Prince’s shout and Changmin ran away laughing. Onew/Jinki picked the pocketknife that was stuck at the door, making sure the two other Kims didn’t see what he took and smiled his usual before closing the door behind him.

“Hyungdeul... Ryou, I’ve arranged the dinner for the three of you in a few minutes.I imagine you have a lot to talk about so I had the dinner setup inside the prince’s room for additional security. “

“You sure are very reliable aren’t you Jinki-ya?”

Ryousuke wiped the tears from his eyes and untangled himself from Jaejoong’s embrace, “he is of course... I can’t live without him. “

Junsu’s eyebrow raised and gave the youngest’s hair a ruffle, “oh ho... I didn’t see you as the player type of guy Ji... Jinki and Changmin Jung all at your beck and call... what a sinful boy...”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that innocent crap look you person!  That can’t fool me now that I know who you are!”

“I’m not... I mean that’s not...” Ryousuke froze and Onew/Jinki scratched his head, “er um... YunJi and I can never be more than what we are now. Its... no offense meant sweetheart...its disgusting to say the least.”

*sigh* “no offense taken Jinnie... what he said is right though disgusting is too harsh of a word. Well... we grew up together like brothers...no twins at the very least.”

Jinki/Onew grinned at his ‘master’, “I was raised to become the youngest Ishida’s shadowso he can shine as bright as he should. Being called a twin... well its more than what someone like me could expect.”

*glare* “tch... that nonsense again Onew... I told you to quit talking like that! Anyway, ignore the last thing he said. Jinnie sometimes spouts nonsense during weird times. So yeah, Jinnie and I are like two parts of a whole so we can’t date each other. It’s like dating myself and that’s weird! ”

Junsu raised his hands in surrender with a laugh, “all right all right... Jinki is out of the question then. So its just Changmin Jung, I get it.”

Jaejoong laughed as YunJi/Ryousuke turned beet red at Junsu’s teasing, “one point for Susu! Haha... you got owned Ji!”

*pout* “Umma, isn’t this the part where you are supposed to defend me? Do you love Junsu hyung more now?”

“Of course not honey but you look adorable getting all red like that and I still haven’t forgiven you for doing stuff you are not supposedto yet.”

*sigh* “I have this feeling you won’t believe me no matter how many times I tell you nothing happened. Shall we go to my room and talk there instead? I’m sure you both are getting hungry and it’s high time you get to experience the high class treatment Ishida gives to important people.”

“I want chicken...”

*chuckle* “That we definitely have Junsu hyung...”

“I want to eat suteku”

“It’s steak Jae umma... Onew, can you arrange that for umma?”

“Hai... mochiron desu...”

Onew/Jinki opened the door for the Kims and the guards as well as the maids outside bowed at the sight of the prince and the blood knight. Jaejoong and Junsu followed behind YunJi who leisurely stretched.

Junsu fidgeted at the curious stare of everyone and looked down. He then saw a hand in front of him to take. He looked up and saw the lazy smile on YunJi’s face and the caring smile of Jaejoong’s beside him, “hyung?”

*takes the offered hand* “You like showing off don’t you Ji?”

YunJi/Ryousuke chuckles as he squeezes the hand of his Junsu hyung, “Every now and then is okay right Jae hyung?”

Jaejoong smiled, “yes... its okay. Ah, we need to take this elevator back there right?”

“Yup! Junsu hyung careful not to trip.”

“Yah Jinki! I’m not as clumsy as you!”

The four boys/men rode the elevator unknowingly taking the hearts of the men/women they passed.


“You look weird...”

JiHoon chuckled at his cousin’s bluntness and YunHo sighed, “Yoochun... don’t provoke Min. Besides you shouldn’t say someone is weird upfront even if he does look weird.”

Changmin’s smiled wider, his eyes changing into mismatched as he slowly turned to bothYunho and Yoochun, “hyungdeul... I love you both...”

Yoochun shivered at the super happy tone his youngest cousin was using and he gripped YunHo’s shirt sleeve, “ahahah... I think I’m tired... I’ll be sleeping now! ♪♫”

“W-wait Chun! Well uh...” *scratch head* “Let me borrow your Ipod okay?”

Jihoon shook his head with a small sigh and continued the report he was making when he felt the space beside him dip, “Hoonie hyung? Why did you work for the mafia?”

“Well... I actually just inherited umma’s work with the Ishidas but aside from that... I also respect Uncle Renji and I admire the work he is doing. It might not be the cleanest or the most proper job but he still maintains his dignity while he does it.”

“I see...”

“’Something good happened between you and Ryou-kun?”

Changmin smiled and scratched his head, “yeah... I kind of blew it off at the end though. Still... I’m glad that my feelings reached him though it was not intentional.”

JiHoon smiled at his youngest brother and ruffled his head affectionately, “I’m happy for you Minnie. I have always known the two of you are best for each other.”

“I knew too...” *chuckle* “Anyhow... you need to ask for Taehee noona’s hand soon...if not, we might get married before you.”

*laugh*”I suppose you are right...”*phone rings* “Ah that’s mine. Hello, Yes Jung speaking. Of course uncle...he’s with his room mates. I understand. I’ll tell him. Please take care of yourself.

“Hyung? Was that Uncle Renji?”

*nods* “Yes... he said Ryousuke is summoned at the main branch in Tokyo.”

Changmin raised an eyebrow, “huh why?”

“We received an anonymous weird message on the main quarters and it worries Uncle Renji.”

“If it worries him that much, it must be serious.”

JiHoon nodded and closed his laptop with a click, “You might be right. I’ll just do some more phonecalls in my office and then go to Ryou to personally deliver the message. Probably a similar message would have come for him here too. Don’t leave Yoochun alone for now, you three are safer here.”

“Dont work yourself too hard Hoonie hyung.”

*smile* “I won’t.”


“...where am I? M-MinHo hyung? Key umma?”

Key crawled towards the shackled Taemin and hugged the shaking boy’s body, “I’m right here Tae baby... I’m okay...”

*cough* “I’m okay too Taeminnie... just some scratches here and there”

Taemin wiped the tears off his face and forced a smile, “I’m glad no one got hurt. Do you know where we are?”

MinHo shook his head and sat up, “not a clue Minnie...but I’m sure Jonghyun hyung already called for help.”

“...what are you kids doing here?”

MinHo strained his eyes and noticed a tired looking girl on the cell across them, “um...we honestly don’t know... were you kidnapped too noona?”

“Yes... its been three months...my brother must be worried about me.”

The woman moved closer to the light and MinHo clearly saw that she was battered and bruised everywhere, “my name is Choi MinHo... can you give us your name noona?”

“Sora... I’m Lee Sora.”

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